Lean and mean budget reviewed Sept. 14

The first Holmes Beach hearing on the proposed 2010-11 budget was to be at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 14, at Holmes Beach City Hall, 5801 Marina Drive.

Mayor Rich Bohnenberger called the budget, in which there is no proposed tax increase and a 9.64 percent reduction in tax revenue to the city, “lean and mean.”

“We’re all facing cutbacks in the future,” Bohnenberger said. “The real estate market is not turning around. It’s not what you’re reading in the media and what you’re seeing on TV. The real estate market is going to continue to suffer, in my opinion.”

The final public hearing on the budget will be held Tuesday, Sept. 28.

Bohnenberger said for the third consecutive year, city employees will not receive a pay raise based on a pay-scale plan.

The city proposed to forgo the roll-back rate of 1.9369 mills. The roll-back rate is the millage rate needed to generate the same tax dollars from fiscal year 2009-10.

Instead, the city decided to propose a millage for the coming budget year at 1.7500 mills, a 9.64 percent decrease from the current 1.7549 millage rate.

That 9.64 percent reduction results in a $224,621 decrease from last year in local tax dollars to the city.

If the city levies the proposed 1.75 millage rate, the local tax on a $350,000 home, without taking any exemptions into account, would be $612.50. A mil is $1 for every $1,000 of assessed value of property.

The city proposes total revenue and spending limits of $8,413,450, up from $7,865,490 last year.

The mayor said he welcomes citizens to the meeting, but he does not expect them to have complaints.

“It’s a lean, mean budget as it is, unless you want to learn what’s in it,” Bohnenberger said.

HB budget by the numbers
Category 2009-10 budget 2010-11 budget
Millage: 1.7549 mills 1.7500 mills
Ad valorem taxes: $2,269,600 $2,060,079
Total revenues: $7,865,490 $8,413,450
Total expenses: $7,865,490 $8,413,450
Commission: $100,990 $98,690
Police: $2,030,479 $2,054,880
Public works $1,964,364 $2,084,369
Code enforcement $145,027 $144,177
Stormwater: $391,000 $372,000

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