6 run for 3 WMFR commission seats

Incumbents Mike Mulyck and Larry Tyler and John Rigney will face off against political newcomers Scott Ricci, Michael Carleton and Mondher Kobrosly for three seats on the West Manatee Fire Rescue District commission in the Nov. 2 general election.

Mulyck is an Anna Maria homeowner and has been part of the fire and rescue service as a volunteer for 18 years. He has a background in occupational health and safety and has a record of dealing with managing public services cost effectively.

“I am very familiar with the operations of the fire and rescue services of WMFR,” said Mulyck. “To increase my ability to find solutions to the problems it faces, I have attended fire service seminars. I am actively involved in implementation of a cost-effective strategy for moving the department into the future.”

Fellow incumbent Larry Tyler also advocates for “continuing to provide the best possible service at the most reasonable cost.”

Tyler spent 10 years as a human resource director and labor negotiator of fire and police. He also has served 13 years on the WMFR commission, having held the positions of chair and secretary-treasurer — adding to the fire experience with a city in Wisconsin comparable in size to Bradenton. Tyler believes experience matters and makes him an ideal candidate for another term as a WMFR commissioner.

Rigney, a certified firefighter emergency medical technician who worked as a firefighter at the Longboat Key Fire Department for 24 years, is seeking his fourth term on the WMFR commission. He also is a certified fire inspector, fire officer, pump operator, fire instructor and has a fire science degree. “I’ve been in the fire service since 1980, and I feel comfortable in knowing all the aspects of fire service.”

“Mainly I want to make sure things keep moving forward,” Rigney said.

Challenger Scott Ricci has been a Holmes Beach resident for 16 years and, since retiring from constructing and running the Woodlands Golf Course, now has time to become more involved in the community.

Ricci chose to run for office because he believes it’s time for “new blood” in the WMFR boardroom. Ricci was a volunteer firefighter for more than 10 years and served as fire commissioner where he previously lived in New Hampshire.

“I’m a fiscal conservative in my business and personal life and can work within a budget,” said Ricci. “I’ll be a set of budget-minded fresh eyes on that board. I feel that I have a lot to offer.”

Carleton is another Holmes Beach resident running for election. Although he has no previous experience as a firefighter, he believes his business experience running his own communication company, that installed commercial equipment such as two-way radios, gives him valuable insight into budgeting and cost-saving measures.

Carleton would like the opportunity to begin turning around the problems with wasteful spending and public safety that he sees at the WMFR district. Carleton said it is crucial for voters to make a change at WMFR.

Mondher Kobrosly declined to offer any background information or a campaign position.

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