Commision favors Waste Pro

Bradenton Beach commissioners voted 4-1 to proceed with negotiating a contract with Waste Pro of Florida for recycling services in the city.

The commission had reviewed bids from four companies during a meeting Sept. 21, then met briefly Sept. 30 to select a bid winner.

Commissioners decided to hire a private contractor to save money, especially in equipment costs, such as repairing the aging city truck or replacing the truck.

Waste Pro of Florida, Waste Management, Waste Services of Florida and Republic Services bid on the contract.

Commissioners Gay Breuler, Janie Robertson and Bob Connors and Mayor Bob Bartelt favored Waste Pro. Commissioner Janet Vosburgh favored Waste Services. So the vote to proceed with Waste Pro was 4-1.

“We’re excited,” said Waste Pro district manager Andy Toller. “We’ve wanted this city’s business all along.”

City clerk Nora Idso said the next step in the process is for attorneys for the city and the company to negotiate a contract, including the details of a franchise fee for the city.

“I would like to see this within the next six weeks,” Idso told commissioners.

In the meantime, public works director Tom Woodard said the city crew would continue business as usual. “Nothing is different until we have an agreement, a contract,” he said.

Once there is a contract, the two public works employees who collect recyclables weekly will take on new duties.

Toller said Waste Pro could move quickly to start its weekly collection routine.

“We could be ready to go in a very short time,” he said.

Waste Pro partners on recycling initiatives with the Manatee Chamber of Commerce, the Sarasota YMCA and the Baltimore Orioles at Ed Smith Stadium and is a green-certified company.

Toller promised to help Bradenton Beach reach a goal of recycling 75 percent of the city’s solid waste by 2020 with an educational program aimed at residents, businesses and schools.

Waste Pro’s bid pledged a customized schedule for the city, the use of new recycling trucks and added collection containers on holidays.

Waste Pro’s fee schedule was $3.07 a month per residential unit and $15 per month for commercial sites that use a 96-gallon bin.

Waste Pro’s cost to sort and dispose of residual garbage is $75 a ton. After subtracting such costs, the company offered to split 50/50 any profits from recyclables with the city, which would be detailed in a monthly report.

BB’s recycling rules

When? Currently the city operates the recycling program in Bradenton Beach, collecting materials on Thursdays at most residential locations, but on Tuesdays at Sandpiper, Pines, Runaway Bay and other selected condominiums and businesses.

What? The city can recycle most paper goods, including magazines, corrugated cardboard, newspapers; plastic items No. 1-7, milk and juice boxes, aluminum and steel cans, glass bottles and jars of all colors and empty aerosol cans.

What not? The city cannot recycle egg cartons, plastic bags, Styrofoam, mirrors, pizza boxes, cereal boxes, packing material, ceramic items, hardcover books, gift wrap and tissue paper, beer and soda cartons, prescription bottles and window glass.

What about? Questions about recycling or requests for recycling bins should be directed to the Bradenton Beach Public Works Department at 941-778-3947.

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