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Geyer honored with dedication

Holmes Beach Commissioners John Monetti, left, and Sandy Haas-Martens, Pat Geyers’ daughters Polli Stroup and Peggi Davenport, Commissioner Pat Morton and Mayor Rich Bohenenberger stand outside the Holmes Beach Commission Chambers. On Oct. 5, the chambers was dedicated to Pat Geyer. Islander Photos: Nick Walter

The Holmes Beach City Commission on Oct. 5 named and dedicated the city hall chambers in honor of Patricia A. Geyer.

There was a meet-and-greet followed by a dedication at 9 a.m. at Holmes Beach City Hall, 5801 Marina Drive.

Geyer, who served 18 years on the city commission and was elected mayor from 1990-94, died May 1 at 80.

She also was the longtime owner and proprietress of Duffy’s Tavern, the Holmes Beach institution known for cold beers and hamburgers. Many Islanders knew and remember Geyer as “Ms. Duffy.”

In attendance were Geyer’s daughters Polli Stroup and Peggi Davenport.

In a speech, Manatee County Commissioner Carol Whitmore, a former Holmes Beach mayor and commissioner, told Geyer’s daughters, “I want to thank you for letting us share your mom with all of us.”

Said Marguerita Carrick of Holmes Beach, Ms. Duffy “was so dependable to do the right thing for Holmes Beach. You never had to worry about your vote.”

One Response to Geyer honored with dedication

  1. David Reid says:

    Pat Geyer was one of a kind. Pat Geyer was often the vortex of power in the city. She ran the modern day saloon.
    Mrs. Geyer loved the island. She loved the city. She served the city, well over 20 years in office. AKA known as ‘throygh mud here’.
    Losing Pat and Snooks Adams so close is very tough on a community. They were both leaders. There was only one occasion of meeting Snooks. I was a young whippersnapper. It was in 1979.
    It was my pleasure to know Pat. And on the occasions we had heart to heart talks I will always be grateful. And for your trust and support you sent my way I can never thank you enough.
    Thank the wise souls that are dedicating the meeting hall to Pat Geyer. It as practically her second home.
    It’s good when a community salutes the work of someone who gave a lot more than they got.

    David Reid

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