No high-rise condos on Perico – yet

The first phase of Minto Communities Inc.’s north Perico Island housing project is 48 attached dwellings in a two-story configuration, not high-rise condominiums as former owner St. Joe Co. planned in its site plan in 2004.

Tim Polk of the Bradenton Planning Department said he did an “administrative review” of the site plan for Minto and authorized construction of the attached residences. No public hearing was necessary for the site-plan modification, he indicated.

The project will be two-story units with three residences in each building. The homes will range from 1,600 to 2,000 square feet, Minto spokesperson Mike Belmont of Tampa said.

The units would be marketed and sold as condominiums.

Minto can build as many as 686 units according to the site plan that came with its 2009 purchase of the property from St. Joe.

After Minto purchased the project, then known as SevenShores, the company held off the start of construction because of poor market conditions, Minto announced at the time of purchase.

Times have changed.

Belmont said homes in the “first phase of residential construction within the property” would be advertised for sale in the low- to mid-$300,000 range.

That’s about $200,000 below St. Joe’s original price of $550,000 for a small-size condo when it first offered reservations for units in 2006. Only 19 reservations were received in a two-year span, and St. Joe closed its sales office in late 2008.

Belmont said a sales and information office is under construction in the area where the former Perico Harbor Marina was located. The office should open in November, with model units available for inspection by late January or early February 2011.

Phase One will contain only 48 of the 686 units authorized in the site plan and there are still some site-plan issues to be revised and approved by Bradenton officials for future phases, he said.

Belmont said he didn’t know if other phases would involve high-rise buildings or if the company would stay with attached homes throughout the project. The company has 333 acres for the development.

The SevenShores name will be dropped, Belmont said, but a name has not been announced.

Also in the approved site-plan is construction of a 119-slip marina, retail space and a restaurant. However, no start for construction date has been set.

One of the major objections to the project when St. Joe received site-plan approval was its plan to build 10-story high-rise condominium buildings on Perico Island.

Numerous environmental and civic groups along with many Islanders objected that high-rise buildings would spoil the natural view of Perico Island and the shoreline, along with damaging the habitat of a number of birds and wildlife on Perico Island. Another concern was the amount of traffic that would be added to the evacuation route on Manatee Avenue.

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  1. Jack A. Smith

    Minto Management –
    As a condo owner across the street in Perico Bay Club, I welcome you as a new neighbor and wish you much success in your development completion.
    Jack A. & Suzanne Smith
    518 Sanderling Circle
    Perico Bay Club


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