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2 seats, 3 candidates for Holmes Beach commission

Three years into life on the Island and there is nothing holding Jean Peelen back from running for elected office and serving her community.

This is the first year Peelen has been eligible to run for elective office, and Nov. 2 she challenges incumbents Sandy Haas-Martens and John Monetti for one of two Holmes Beach city commission seats.

Peelen, a former civil rights attorney for the federal government, believes she will lend Holmes Beach a strong, new voice. She promises to “protect the safety, well-being and money of the citizens of Holmes Beach.”

In addition to working for the federal government, which precluded her from serving her community as an elected official before, she also was the chief of staff of the International Broadcasting Bureau, where she managed a $20 million budget.

If elected, Peelen would like to see better collaboration between the three Island cities and more input at the county level. “We as an Island are supposed to be speaking with one voice on every issue we possibly can,” she said.

Sandy Haas-Martens is running for a sixth consecutive term on the Holmes Beach City Commission. She currently serves as the deputy mayor and commission chair. If re-elected, she says she will “continue to bring the stable government the citizens have come to expect from their elected officials.”

Haas-Martens is a retired banker who has remained actively involved in the community. She believes her banking background and involvement with citizens has made her deeply aware of issues Island citizens may be facing.

During her tenure on the commission, she claims improvements such as canal dredging, street paving and drainage. “I enjoy what I do,” she said. “I enjoy working with the staff and working with the citizens and being involved.”

John Monetti’s involvement with city government fits firmly with the value instilled in him as a child to give back to the community. So it was without hesitation that he agreed to volunteer on the Holmes Beach Planning Commission when asked. “I said, OK,’” Monetti said. “If that’s what I can do for you.”

After four years as a planning commissioner, Monetti ran for elected office and won his first term as a city commissioner.

He has served on the commission in two terms for four years and Nov. 2 he seeks another two-year term. He believes in keeping things honest and simple, and if re-elected, would continue to provide a “common sense approach to maintaining the beauty and balance of our community.”

A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Monetti is the general manager of the Columbia Restaurant on St. Armands Circle. With his business based in Sarasota, his stake on the Island is as a 15-year resident of Holmes Beach and parent.

Monetti said he will continue to give back, just as his parents taught him, for as long as fellow residents desire his fiscal acumen, government experience and clear values.

To the polls

Manatee County polls on Nov. 2 will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., when votes will be cast for local, state and federal candidates.

Voters who want to avoid lines can cast ballots in advance of election day at the Manatee County Supervisor of Elections Office, 600 301 Blvd. W., Suite 118, Bradenton. Early voting hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday and noon to 4 p.m. Sunday.

On election day, voters in Anna Maria will cast ballots at Roser Memorial Community Church, 512 Pine Ave.

Voters in Bradenton Beach will cast ballots at Tingley Memorial Library, 111 Second St. N.

And, in Holmes Beach, voters, depending on their precinct, will either cast ballots at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 6608 Marina Drive, or St. Bernard Catholic Church, 248 S. Harbor Drive.

For more information about voting, including sample ballots or to check voter registration status, go to

Politics pops at pre-election party

Joey Monetti is seven years from registering to vote, but that didn’t stop him from cheerleading for candidates Oct. 20.

The 11-year-old, attending The Islander’s Popcorn & Politics party outside the newspaper office, touted several candidates for office Nov. 2, including incumbent Manatee County Commissioner

Carol Whitmore, state legislative candidate Jim Boyd, Holmes Beach Commissioner Sandy Haas-Martens and a ballot favorite, dad and Holmes Beach Commissioner John Monetti.

“I’ve never been in politics,” Joey Monetti said. “But my dad is. So I’m getting used to it, and I like it a lot.”

He waved a sign for Boyd, who is running against David Miner for the District 68 seat held by outgoing state Rep. Bill Galvano.

“My dad’s voting for him, so I like him,” Joey explained.

And he danced with a Whitmore campaign sign. “She’s nice,” Joey said of the commissioner.

John Monetti, watching his son, regretted not bringing his own campaign sign to the event — and chuckled about his lack of a secret ballot.

Candidates in attendance at Popcorn & Politics, in addition to Monetti, Boyd, Whitmore and Haas-Martens, included:
• Whitmore’s Democratic challenger Sundae Lynn Knight.
• Incumbent Bradenton Beach Commissioner Jan Vosburgh and challenger Michael Harrington.
• Sandy Mattick and Michael Selby for Anna Maria mayor.
• Holmes Beach commission candidate Jean Peelen.
• Scott Ricci for West Manatee Fire Rescue District.
• Manatee County school board candidate Julie Aranibar.

Like Joey Monetti, many Popcorn & Politics attendees arrived to The Islander to support their favorite candidates, not to decide how to cast ballots. A number of voters from Anna Maria attended in campaign colors and gear — white and blue shirts for Selby and yellow and black shirts for Mattick.

Still, the candidates, in short speeches that alternated with bluegrass tunes performed by The Hurricanes, made appeals to pick up new votes.

Mattick emphasized her experience as a federal employee and city board member, as well as in volunteerism and business.

She also stressed her interest in being a full-time, year-round mayor.

“This is the place we call home,” she said, referring to the extended Mattick family.

Seeking to further peace in a city with a reputation for acrimonious politics, Mattick added, “I will represent everyone equally, not a select few, not special interests…. My door will always be open to everyone.”

Selby said he’s looking to go to work. “I want to be the next mayor of Anna Maria,” he said.

He said when he and his wife Mary discussed his candidacy, they agreed that if he became mayor he would devote the next two years to the job.

Referring to intimations that, with a second-home in North Carolina he might be absent from the city, Selby said, “I will be a full-time resident.… So you can get that out of your mind.”

He also emphasized a commitment to seeing business prosper in Anna Maria.

“I’m pro-business,” Selby said. “Enough said.”

Selby said his goal is to “do what is best for the city and all of the citizens.”

Peelen, one of the first speakers at the forum, lightheartedly told the crowd, “I’ve never run or held political office … which might work in my favor.”

“There are things that need improvement” in Holmes Beach, she said, adding that she’s up to the job.

Monetti, with his wife and children looking on, said he was raised to give back to the community, which is why he first ran for city office and is seeking his third term.

He encouraged others to give back, too, whether that involves holding elected office or cutting the neighbor’s lawn.

Haas-Martens stressed her passion for politics and serving on the commission. “I just enjoy what I do,” said the veteran commissioner seeking her seventh term on the dais.

She added that Nov. 6 is her birthday and that another election win would be a great present.

From Bradenton Beach, Harrington attended the event but declined to speak.

Vosburgh, holding a campaign brochure high, said she’s a successful businessperson with the qualifications, time and interest to serve the city.

“I love Bradenton Beach,” she said.

Bradenton Beach Mayor Bob Bartelt, who is unopposed on election day, also addressed the crowd. “I consider myself real fortunate to be part of Bradenton Beach,” he said.

Whitmore reminded Popcorn & Politics attendees of her roots — she’s a longtime Island resident and former mayor and commissioner from Holmes Beach.

“I have represented the Islands well,” Whitmore said. “My roots go way back on Anna Maria Island.”

She also reminded voters that she has not voted to raise taxes and “my door is always open.”

Knight offered her resume, which includes a number of government-related posts in engineering and public works, and her interest in streamlining and economizing.

“What I really want to do for Manatee County is help you all save money,” she said.

Ricci, the only WMFR commission candidate to attend, asked voters “to put a check by my name” on the ballot. He said the fire district “should be run as a business” and he has the skills to accomplish that.

Aranibar promised to focus on children and their performance in classrooms.

Boyd, stressing his fourth-generation Florida heritage, told Island voters, “I care about this community.”

In straw-polling — unofficial voting in Island-only races intended to be fun, not a prediction for election day — Mattick collected more votes than Selby and Vosburgh’s tally was higher than Harrington’s.

In the Holmes Beach poll, in which voters selected two commissioners from the field of three, Monetti received the highest number of votes, followed by Peelen, who had just one more ballot than did Haas-Martens.

6 run for 3 WMFR commission seats

Incumbents Mike Mulyck and Larry Tyler and John Rigney will face off against political newcomers Scott Ricci, Michael Carleton and Mondher Kobrosly for three seats on the West Manatee Fire Rescue District commission in the Nov. 2 general election.

Mulyck is an Anna Maria homeowner and has been part of the fire and rescue service as a volunteer for 18 years. He has a background in occupational health and safety and has a record of dealing with managing public services cost effectively.

“I am very familiar with the operations of the fire and rescue services of WMFR,” said Mulyck. “To increase my ability to find solutions to the problems it faces, I have attended fire service seminars. I am actively involved in implementation of a cost-effective strategy for moving the department into the future.”

Fellow incumbent Larry Tyler also advocates for “continuing to provide the best possible service at the most reasonable cost.”

Tyler spent 10 years as a human resource director and labor negotiator of fire and police. He also has served 13 years on the WMFR commission, having held the positions of chair and secretary-treasurer — adding to the fire experience with a city in Wisconsin comparable in size to Bradenton. Tyler believes experience matters and makes him an ideal candidate for another term as a WMFR commissioner.

Rigney, a certified firefighter emergency medical technician who worked as a firefighter at the Longboat Key Fire Department for 24 years, is seeking his fourth term on the WMFR commission. He also is a certified fire inspector, fire officer, pump operator, fire instructor and has a fire science degree. “I’ve been in the fire service since 1980, and I feel comfortable in knowing all the aspects of fire service.”

“Mainly I want to make sure things keep moving forward,” Rigney said.

Challenger Scott Ricci has been a Holmes Beach resident for 16 years and, since retiring from constructing and running the Woodlands Golf Course, now has time to become more involved in the community.

Ricci chose to run for office because he believes it’s time for “new blood” in the WMFR boardroom. Ricci was a volunteer firefighter for more than 10 years and served as fire commissioner where he previously lived in New Hampshire.

“I’m a fiscal conservative in my business and personal life and can work within a budget,” said Ricci. “I’ll be a set of budget-minded fresh eyes on that board. I feel that I have a lot to offer.”

Carleton is another Holmes Beach resident running for election. Although he has no previous experience as a firefighter, he believes his business experience running his own communication company, that installed commercial equipment such as two-way radios, gives him valuable insight into budgeting and cost-saving measures.

Carleton would like the opportunity to begin turning around the problems with wasteful spending and public safety that he sees at the WMFR district. Carleton said it is crucial for voters to make a change at WMFR.

Mondher Kobrosly declined to offer any background information or a campaign position.

HB youth seeks bike’s return

Jake Ross says he never was more than 15 feet from his silver Red Line bicycle Oct. 16.

So when he and his brother, along with friends, went to leave the Holmes Beach skate park that day, he was surprised to find his bicycle missing.

“I was kind of in shock and couldn’t believe it was gone,” Jake, 11, of Holmes Beach, said.

The Holmes Beach Police Department is investigating the bicycle theft, including a review of video surveillance tape from the park.

“The bike was a gift from my grandmother and aunt,” Jake said. “It was a nice bike and I really liked it.”

In addition to transportation to the park, the bike was the child’s transportation to Anna Maria Elementary School.

For the thief, Jake had a question: “Why would you take my bike?”

Jake’s mother Lee also had a question: “How brazen could someone be to steal an 11-year-old’s bike as he was playing right near it?”

Robinson complaint against WMFR chiefs dismissed

An internal investigation conducted by the West Manatee Fire Rescue District Commission dismissed a complaint by Holmes Beach Commissioner Al Robinson that his constitutional right to free speech and assembly were violated by WMFR Chief Andy Price and Deputy Chief Brett Pollock.

Board member Larry Tyler was appointed by WMFR District Commission Chair John Rigney to conduct the investigation of the incident, which occurred at WMFR’s Sept. 8 stakeholders meeting at the Palma Sola Presbyterian Church. The meeting was open to the public and some invited guests, and all were asked to provide input on the district.

Tyler did not attend the stakeholder’s meeting and had no prior knowledge of the events.

Robinson alleged he did not receive an invitation to the stakeholder’s meeting and was “insulted” by this oversight because of his continuing interest in WMFR. However, he attended the meeting and reportedly spoke to attendees about WMFR during a presentation. He allegedly passed out a lengthy letter to those who attended about wasteful spending by the WMFR, and said in a loud voice that he “wasn’t invited” and questioned why he did not get an invitation, according to the Tyler report.

Robinson claimed Price and Pollock tried to prevent him from passing out his literature and denied him the opportunity to speak to people during the meeting. He alleged that Pollock told him that if he were there to cause trouble “We’ll have you put out of here.”

Tyler said he interviewed all people involved under oath, including Robinson, Pollock and Price. He also interviewed one volunteer worker.

He spoke with several attendees in an effort to “find out if anyone else had a complaint (against Price and Pollock), but I didn’t find any,” Tyler said.

Everyone at the Sept. 8 meeting was asked to put issues and comments in writing on a form provided by the district, Tyler reported. Those comments were reviewed at the meeting. Attendees were given the opportunity to speak and provide input. Tyler’s investigation determined that Robinson was allowed to attend. He did not fill out a form and did not ask openly to speak at the meeting.

Tyler presented a 70-page report and concluded there was no evidence to substantiate Robinson’s allegations and, therefore, no viable complaint.

Board member Randy Cooper said Robinson’s actions were “regrettable,” and the only apparent reason for Robinson to attend the meeting was to disrupt the proceedings.

“You should have been thrown out. You declined to participate in the meeting and you disrupted it by handing out your literature,” Cooper said.

After reading Tyler’s report, Cooper acknowledged that Pollock and Price acted with “professionalism” and “patience” in a situation where it was clear Robinson was attempting to be disruptive.
Following Tyler’s presentation, the board voted unanimously to reject Robinson’s complaint.

Robinson has been a critic of the WMFR since before his election to the Holmes Beach commission and was once escorted by police from a WMFR district commission meeting for disruptive behavior.

At the WMFR Oct. 20 meeting, Robinson was given the standard three minutes of public time to speak on any issue.

He declined to talk about the investigation, and said he was not there to “attack people” but to discuss unfounded pension mandates. He had a large volume of information that he said would take longer than three minutes to present.

“The pension system is broken. The system will bankrupt” the WMFR, he alleged.

That was a claim that Price, who had previously been under a gag order not to address Robinson’s complaint, rejected.

“Our pension fund is totally funded and there is no unfunded liability and there has never been,” Price said. “This is nonsense about any unfunded pension.”

He suggested Robinson get his facts correct before passing out literature with incorrect financial information.

Holmes Beach resident Pat McConnell also spoke, offering a suggestion that board members appeared to favor. McConnell said the WMFR should keep its website updated to better inform people of meeting dates, locations and other pertinent data regarding the WMFR.

Cooper and Tyler agreed, and suggested that once the WMFR administration staff moves to its new facility, Price ensure the computer staff keep the website updated on a regular basis.

Moving from Station No. 1

Price said the new administration facility off 65th Street in Bradenton is about 80 percent completed and he anticipated the next board meeting would be held there, not at the Holmes Beach station. The new building will consolidate all WMFR administrators into a central location.

He said construction costs are still “below the maximum contracted price,” and furniture, equipment, cabinets and computers should all be in place by the November meeting.

Once all WMFR staff are located at the new facility, remodeling of Station No. 1 in Holmes Beach will begin, he said.

In other business, the board approved the second reading of a change to the pension fund that will allow WMFR to obtain more state funds for the pension plan at no cost to the WMFR plan.

Price also mentioned that the issue of consolidating all county fire districts has been revived and county officials have been discussing the matter at the monthly council of government officials meeting.

Consolidation has been around for the past 25 years, he observed, and it’s never moved beyond discussion.

“Until we get an unbiased study done, nothing is going to be accomplished,” Price said. The problem is who will pay for the study, he asked.

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WATERFRONT KEY WEST STYLE with dock. Furnished, walk to beach. $150/night, $950/week. Use of bikes and kayaks included. 941-794-5980.

VACATION RENTALS: 3BR/3BA pool home, 2BR/1BA cottage, 5BR/4BA split pool home, two blocks to Holmes Beach. 3BR/2BA pool home, northwest Bradenton, 3BR/3BA pool home, Palma Sola. Weekly, monthly rentals. Luxury furnishings, all amenities. Inclusive prices. Coastal Properties Realty, 941-794-1515.

FEMALE ROOMMATE WANTED: 2BR/2BA condo. Beachfront with pool in Holmes Beach.

ANNA MARIA BEACHFRONT, waterfront vacation rental. 5BR/4BA. $2,200/week. 559-760-1331.

CHARMING MONTHLY/SEASONAL condo. Cross street to Holmes Beach. 2BR/2BA, washer, dryer. Two screened-in decks, heated pool. $2,400/month. 813-634-3790.

SEASONAL: HOLMES BEACH. Spacious 3BR/2BA duplex, upper level. Screened lanai, completely furnished. One house from beach. Gulf view. No pets or smoking. 813-689-0925 or

DIRECT BAYFRONT: 2,500 sf. Beautiful home, 3BR/2.5BA, boat dock, lift, pool, fully furnished. $3,600/month, annual. 941-580-0626.

SKIERS: WOULD YOU like to house trade for 1-6 months this winter? Country home 25 minutes from Steamboat, Colo. One hour and 15 minutes from Vail. Or rent this beautiful furnished 2BR/2BA home, $2,000/month.  HYPERLINK “” or 970-736-8293.

PRIVATE BEACHFRONT HOME: Ground level, 2BR/1BA, attached garage. Spectacular water views. Seasonal, monthly, weekly rates. 941-348-9448.

HOUSE FOR RENT: Anna Maria, steps from bay, beach and pier. 3BR, private yard, spacious, clean, pets OK. $1,500/month. 941-362-9585.

ANNUAL RENTAL: LARGE canal home, 2BR/2BA, two-car garage, washer and dryer hook-up on Key Royale. No pets. $1,600/month plus utilities. First, last and security. Call 941-545-3511 for information.

ANNA MARIA ANNUAL: 2BR/1BA. $800/month plus utilities. 941-778-6088.

ANNUAL 1BR unfurnished apartment. Kitchen, bath. No pets. Holmes Beach. 941-778-7039.

ANNUAL 3BR/2BA NEAR city pier. Steps to bayfront beach. Clean, spacious, private. Pets OK. $1,500/month. 941-538-9328.

A NICE 2BR/2BA: Steps from the beach. Tennis, sauna, pool, walking distance to great restaurants, $650/week. Call 863-688-3524 or 863-608-1833.

NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER vacation deals. Perico Bay Club 2BR/2BA villa, $1,200/month. Palma Sola townhouse, pool and boat slip, $300/weekend, $450/week, $1,100/month and more. Realtor, 941-356-1456. Real Estate Mart.

SEASONAL OR WEEKLY cottage-style rentals. 1BR/1BA or 55-plus 2BR/1BA with pool. Walk to beach, shopping, restaurants. 941-778-3426. Web site


HAVING MORTGAGE TROUBLE? Want to buy distressed properties? Call James Adkins, 941-713-0635.

BAYFRONT PELICAN COVE condo: 2BR/2BA great views, close to everything. Call Capt. Greg, 941-592-8373, A Paradise Realty.

DIRECT GULFFRONT: 4BR/4.5BA, den, three-car garage, pool, spa, elevator, security. Immaculate 2005 Mediterranean villa-style architecture, breathtaking Gulf views, furnished, 5,146 sf under roof, north Anna Maria Island. 12106 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria. $3,500,000. Contact owner, broker, 941-920-1699.

FOR SALE: SANDPIPER Resort mobile home. 2BR/1BA, steps from Bradenton Beach. Completely renovated. 813-458-3875.

GORGEOUS FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT compound with full Gulf views in Holmes Beach. 6,500-sf under roof, just completed in 2009. Casual elegance in this 5BR/4BA, spectacular rooftop bar/summer kitchen, resort-style pool, five-plus car garage and separate in-law unit. Boat house and two docks. Gated estate offered at $3,250,000. Tony Andrews of Andrews & Associates. 941-921-5999. Sought-after estate will be an open house 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 31. 510 58th St., Holmes Beach.

BAYFRONT HOME: RENT to own. Call for details. Jim, 941-580-0626.

VILLAGE GREEN OVERSIZE 3BR/2BA, two-car garage villa, $149,500. Forty-Three West 2BR/2BA, one-car garage, extras, $128,500. Realtor, 941-356-1456. Real Estate Mart.

DOUBLEWIDE CANALFRONT MOBILE home: 2BR/1.5BA. Furnished, remodeled, central heat, air conditioning, gated park. Pool, hot tub, activity center. 15 minutes to beach. Sale, $45,000, includes share. Financing. 863-688-3524 or 863-608-1833.

PRICE REDUCED: DUPLEX on two deeded lots, both units 2BR/1.5BA, elevated, park under building. $450,000. Call owner: 941-730-2606.


CRAWFORD COUNTY, GEORGIA: 85 acres, $1,125/acre. Where will you hunt this season? Other tracts available. 478-987-9700. St. Regis Paper Co.

VIRGINA MOUNTAINS: GALAX area. Six acres on river, great fishing, private, reduced! $59,900. Call owner now! 866-275-0442.

Sports – 10-27-2010

Soccer teams jockey for playoff positions

With the Anna Maria Island Community Center’s recreational soccer season heading into it’s final weeks, some teams are fighting for their playoff lives, while others are fighting for a preferred position in the standings to avoid a troublesome matchup in the first playoff round.

There’s been some movement in the standings, but nothing like Division II where Southern Greens went from battling for the division lead to last place after dropping three games last week.

Sparks Steel Art is the team to beat, and Wash Family Construction has moved up to second place.

Fran Maxon Real Estate is yet undefeated and has total control of Division III, while Autoway Ford seized the top spot in Division I with a big victory over Mike Norman Realty. Beach Bistro rode a pair of victories over West Coast Surf Shop last week to take the top spot in the Center’s Premier Division, where offense rules and — much like the Big 12 Conference in college football — defense is optional.

The most recent victory for the Bistro came Oct. 23 over the Surf Shop. The difference in the 5-4 game was the Bistro team approach and the goal tending of Max Miller, who made a few good saves against Helio Gomez. Julius Gomes, despite playing with an injured right hamstring muscle, scored three goals and set up two others by holding the ball and forcing the Surf Shop defense to commit to him. He then would pass the ball off to teammates Eva Teitelbaum and Hunter Parrish, who both finished with one goal. Gomez, who played with his head down, led the Surf Shop with four goals in the loss.

The Bistro also earned a 5-3 victory over the Surf Shop Oct. 18 with all five goals from Julius Gomes. Gomez again led the Surf Shop with three goals in the loss.

The Gathering Place earned its first victory of the season Oct. 23 when it upset first-place Autoway Ford by a 1-0 score in Division I action. Knox Wheels notched the lone goal in the game to lead Gathering Place in the win.

Autoway Ford earned an important Division I victory Oct. 20 when it broke a first-place tie, soundly defeating Mike Norman Realty 6-3. Henrik Brusso and Sydney Cornell scored two goals apiece to lead Autoway, which also received a goal each from Neil Carper and Mikey Ellsworth in the victory. Michael Duffman led Mike Norman with three goals in the loss.

Sparks Steel Art gave its Division II foes some hope that they can still be caught with a 2-2 tie by Mr. Bones BBQ Oct. 22. Tyler Yavalar scored two goals to lead Sparks, while Ben Connors did the same for Mr. Bones in the tie.

Wash Family Construction moved into second place in the division thanks to a 5-4 victory over Southern Greens Oct. 22. Nico Calleja and Gavin Sentman led the way with two goals apiece, while Joe Rogers chipped in with one goal in the victory. Michael Latimer led Southern Greens with three goals, while Brandon Mills added one goal in the loss.

Sparks Steel Art scored an easy 5-2 win over Wash Family Construction Oct. 20 behind two goals apiece from Tyler Yavalar and Dylan Joseph. Sullivan Ferreira completed the scoring with one goal in the victory. Gavin Sentman scored two goals to lead WFC in the loss.

Mr. Bones opened the Division II action Oct. 18 with a 5-3 victory over Southern Greens. Ben Connors led the way with two goals, while Miles Fischer, Jake Miller and Leo Rose each added single goals in the victory. Michael Latimer scored twice to lead Southern Greens, which also received a goal from Abby Achor in the loss.

Connie’s Landscaping earned a solid 5-2 victory over Jessie’s Island Store Oct. 23. Corbin Greg, who usually plays a lot in goal, came out of the box on this day and led Connie’s to victory with four goals. Jaclyn Schlossberg completed the scoring with one goal in the victory. Hannah McCracken scored two goals to lead Jessie’s in the loss.

Fran Maxon Real Estate earned another victory in Division III, a 4-2 win over Jessie’s Island Store Oct. 22. Taro de Haan led the way with a pair of goals, while Josh Class and Ava Zink each added one goal in the victory. Hannah McCracken and Jack Barnes each scored one goal for Jessie’s in the loss.

De Haan scored three goals to lead Fran Maxon Real Estate to a 3-0 victory over Connie’s Landscaping Oct. 20.

The Center’s adult division saw two teams leapfrog the Sun in the standings after a 4-2 dropped decision by the Sun to Sarasota Veterinary Emergency Hospital Oct. 21. Toby Wickland scored a pair of goals to lead SVEH, which also received a goal apiece from Kris Yavalar and Paul Hayward in the victory. Zoran Kolega had two goals for the Sun.

Enrico Beissert notched three goals to lead Beach to Bay Construction to a 5-3 victory over Back Alley. Scott Eason and Tony Frudakis each scored one goal to complete the scoring for BTBC. Nate Talucci led Back Alley with a pair of goals, while Tim Tedesco added one goal in the loss.

The Fish Hole rolled past Ross Built by a 5-0 score behind two goals apiece from Josh Sato and Brent Moss. Ed Moss added a single goal to complete the scoring in the shutout victory.

Horseshoe news

The team of Debbie Rhodes and Steve Grossman were the day’s outright champs during Oct. 23 horseshoe action at the Anna Maria City Hall pits. Steve Doyle and Jeff Moore defeated Ron Pepka and Karl Thomas 24-19 in the battle for second place.

Three teams emerged from pool play during Oct. 20 horseshoe action. Norm Good and Karl Thomas defeated Ron Pepka and Tim Sofran 21-16 to advance to the finals where they defeated Barb Dudley and Steve Doyle 21-11.

Play gets under way at 9 a.m. every Wednesday and Saturday at the Anna Maria City Hall pits. Warmups begin at 8:45 a.m. followed by random team selection. There is no charge to play and everyone is welcome.

Key Royale Club news

The women of the Key Royale Club joined the men in a nine-hole, two-best-balls-of-foursome golf match Oct. 22. The team of Joyce Brown, Dennis Schavey and Jim Finn combined to card a 51 to take first place for the day. One shot back in second place was the team of Jane Winegarden, Nell Bergstrom, Earl Huntzinger and Fred Meyer with a 52.

The men played an 18-hole, two-best-balls-of-foursome match Oct. 20. The team of Jim Thorton, Lew Winegarden, Gary Harris and Bob Elliott combined to card a 108 to take first place by three shots. The team of Ron Robinson, Dennis Schavey, Chet Hutton and Dave Schroes finished alone in second place with a 111.

The women played a nine-hole, individual-low-net match Oct. 19 that resulted in a tie for first place between Jean Holmes and Mary Selby after both carded even-par 32s. Flight B saw Ginny Nunn and Joyce Brown tie for first place at 5-under-par 27, two shots ahead of Terry Westby and Joyce Reith, who finished at 29.

AMICC Soccer League standings
Team    Won    Lost    Tie    Pts.
Division III (ages 8-9)
Maxon    6    0    0    18
Connie’s    2    4    1    7
Jessie’s    1    5    1    4

Division II (ages 10-11)
Sparks    6    1    3    21
WFC    4    4    2    14
Mr. Bones    3    5    2    11
Southern    3    6    1    10

Division I (ages 12-13)
Autoway    5    2    0    15
Norman    4    3    0    12
Gathering     1    5    0    3

Premier Division (ages 14-17)
Bistro    5    2    0    15
WFC    3    3    0    9
Surf Shop    2    5    0    6

Adult Division
Fish Hole    3    1    0    9
SVEH    3    1    0    9
Sun    2    1    1    7
BTBConst.    2    2    0    6
Back Alley    1    2    1    4
Ross Built    0    4    0    0

AMICC Soccer League schedule
Date    Time        Teams
Instructional Division: (Ages 4-5)
Oct. 27    6 p.m.    Isl. Dental vs. Oyster Bar
Oct. 27    6:30 p.m.    W.C. Air vs. Lapensee
Nov. 2    6 p.m.    Isl. Dental vs. Lapensee
Nov. 2    6:30 p.m.    W.C. Air vs. A&E

Instructional Division: (Ages 6-7)
Oct. 27    6 p.m.    LPAC vs. Bch. Bums
Nov. 1    6 p.m.    LPAC vs. Isl. Pest
Nov. 1    7 p.m.    Sandbar vs. Dojo Ath.

Division III: (Ages 8-9)
Oct. 27    5:30 p.m.    Maxon vs. Connie’s

Division II: (Ages 10-11)
Oct. 27    6:30 p.m.    WFC vs. Sparks
Nov. 1    6 p.m.    WFC vs. Southern

Division I: (Ages 12-13)
Oct. 27    7:30 p.m.    Ford vs. Norman
Nov. 2    6 p.m.    Norman vs. Gathering

Premier Division: (Ages 14-17)
Nov. 1    7 p.m.    WFC vs. Bistro
Nov. 2    7:30 p.m.    WFC vs. Surf Shop

Adult Division
Oct. 28    6 p.m.    Sun vs. Fish Hole
Oct. 28    7:20 p.m    SVEH vs. Back Alley
Oct. 28    8:40 p.m.    BTBC vs. Ross Built

Island real estate transactions – 10-27-2010

227 85th St., Holmes Beach, a 1,600 sfla / 2,533 sfur 3bed/2bath pool home built in 1985 on a 90×100 lot was sold 09/30/10, Moore to Parry Izzard Holdings Inc. for $440,000; list $400,000.

309 S. Bay Blvd., Anna Maria, a 2,100 sfla / 3,892 sfur 3bed/2bath home built in 1997 on a 65×101 lot was sold 10/08/10, US Bank National Association to Knowlton for $425,000.

517 70th St., Holmes Beach, a 1,180 sfla / 1,734 sfur 2bed/2bath/1car canalfront home built in 1967 on a 85×104 lot was sold 09/30/10, Carlsten to Fontana for $416,500; list $449,000.

310 57th St., Unit A, Turtle Towers, Holmes Beach, a 1,576 sfla / 2,445 sfur 3bed/2bath/3car land condo with pool built in 2007 was sold 10/06/10, KPI Holdings LLC to Mcusic for $405,000; list $418,900.

6250 Holmes Blvd., Unit 70, North Beach Village, Holmes Beach, a 1,536 sfla / 2,105 sfur 3bed/2½bath/2car condo with shared pool built in 1991 was sold 10/04/10, Fleisch to Clements for $355,000; list $379,000.

6919 Holmes Blvd., Holmes Beach, a 942 sfla / 1,727 sfur 2bed/1½bath/1car half duplex built in 1982 on a 40×85 lot was sold 09/27/10, Mears to Hill for $250,000; list $279,000.

1603 Gulf Drive N., Unit 34, Tradewinds, Bradenton Beach, a 380 sfla 1bed/1bath condo with shared pool built in 1971 was sold 09/28/10, Wells Fargo Bank to Dawson for $70,000; list $74,900.

Jesse Brisson, broker/associate at Gulf-Bay Realty of Anna Maria, can be reached at 941-778-7244. Weekly Island real estate transactions may also be viewed online at Copyright 2010

Island police blotter – 10-27-2010

Anna Maria
• Oct. 15, 100 block of South Bay Boulevard, information. Two apparently intoxicated people were told to leave Bayfest.
• Oct. 18, 100 block of Crescent Drive, information. A homeowner who recently returned after a long vacation received a water bill for $1,800. A typical monthly bill is $25.
• Oct. 21, 200 block of Lakeview Drive, vandalism. A residence and automobile were vandalized with mustard, eggs, hot dogs and toilet paper.

Bradenton Beach
• No new reports.

Holmes Beach
• Oct. 16, 5800 block of Marina Drive, theft. A youth reported a bicycle, valued at $200, was taken while he was at the skate park.
• Oct. 17, Ambassador Lane, domestic disturbance. An officer responded to a report of two people fighting. He issued warnings.
• Oct. 18, 600 block of Foxworth Lane, possible attempted burglary. Police responded to a residence, where there were signs of an attempted break-in, but there was no indication of property stolen.
• Oct. 18, 200 block of 77th Street, theft. Resident reported the theft of several yard items, and complained that a neighbor was holding weekly rummage sales in violation of a city ordinance, and another neighbor allowed a dog to defecate in her yard, also in violation of a city ordinance.
•  Oct. 19, 300 block of 63rd Street, noise. Officer responded to loud music from an apartment.
• Oct. 20, 5300 block of Gulf Drive. Police responded to the beach access, where a dog and its owners had entered the beach, and informed the dog-walkers that domestic animals are prohibited there.
• Oct. 20, 6500 block of Gulf Drive. Police found a small gray-and-white terrier running in the road.

Streetlife is based on incident reports and narratives from the Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach police departments and the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office as of Oct. 22.

Obituaries – 10-27-2010

Paul Thomas Collins
Paul Thomas Collins, of Sarasota, formerly of Worcester, Mass., and Anna Maria Island, died Oct. 18  following a battle with cancer. He was born March 8, 1942.

Mr. Collins worked in real estate on Anna Maria Island and in Sarasota. He was an avid boater and he loved the beaches of Anna Maria Island.

A celebration of life was held Oct. 23 in Sarasota.

Mr. Collins survivors include daughters Emma Collins of Sarasota, Akela Ribe of Gainesville, Stephanie Madden of Columbia, S.C., and Aria McKenna Collins of Jersey City; sons Kevin Paul Collins of Anna Maria and Colton McKenna Collins of St. Augustine; grandchildren Lila and Cooper Madden of Columbia, S.C., and Georgia Conson Collins of Melbourne, Australia; sister Mary Frances Donahoe of Gainesville; and brother David Paul Collins of  Corona del Mar, Calif. Special thanks to friends Joe Cirulli, Eric Sobol, Jonathan and Sue Soar and Tom and Kim Freiwald.

Randall Stover
Randall Stover of Anna Maria died Oct. 18 after a long illness.

Mr. Stover lived in the city of Anna Maria since 1984, and served as chair of the city planning and
zoning board. He was born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio, and attended Kent State University, where he studied architecture. He was a car enthusiast and participated in many national racing events.

A memorial service will be held at 3 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 30, at the First Church of the Nazarene, 1616 59th St. W., Bradenton. Donations may be made to, or the First Church of the Nazarene, 1616 59th St. W., Bradenton FL 34209. Brown & Sons Funeral Homes & Crematory, 43rd Street Chapel, is in charge of arrangements. Online condolences may be made to

He is survived by wife Brenda Heitzwebel Stover; mother Marjorie Sanford Stover; and sister Victoria and husband Lynn Hineman.

Thelma E. Weeks
Thelma E. Weeks, 88, of Anna Maria Island, died Oct. 8.

She was a U.S. Air Force military wife that came to Palmetto in 1964 and then to Anna Maria Island in 1971. She was a member of the Anna Maria Island Art League, Island Gallery West, Longboat Key Art League, Bradenton Art League and the Anna Maria Garden Club. She was an artist, working in water color, oil painting, sculptor, pottery and clay.

Services will be at a later date.

Mrs. Weeks is survived by her daughters, Linda Ruby of Canton, Ga., and Karen LaPensee of Anna Maria; brother Keith Morgan of River City, Utah; sister Donna Penney of North Salt Lake, Utah; grandchildren Mark and Michelle Ruby of Canton and Greg and Shawn LaPensee of Bradenton; and great granddaughter Sierra Ruby of Canton.