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City hall hosts cook-off

Chef Aldo Cipriano of Island Gourmet, back row, third from left, joins city of Holmes Beach representatives after an Oct. 27 chili cook-off at city hall. Top finishers include Joyce Stadt of the police department, first place; Chris Hanula of HBPD, second place; and code enforcement officer Janet Gorman, third place. Islander Photo: Olivia Willis

Shop owner vows fight

The owner of a lingerie and novelty shop vowed last week to remain on Cortez Road despite opposition from her landlord and Cortezians, code enforcement complaints and her husband’s statement that they’re leaving.

“I ain’t moving,” said Debbie Sumner, who owns the retail shop at 12207 Cortez Road W., Cortez. Signs on the exterior of the shop advertise novelties, adult fun, lingerie, romantic gifts and videos.

Roy Sumner also operates a golf cart sales and repair business at the location.

Earlier this month, Roy Sumner told The Islander that the couple would be relocating operations because of complaints from neighbors and their landlord, Lou Nassar, who also owns the building next door and initiated eviction proceedings against the Sumners.

But last week, Debbie Sumner said she planned to stay.

“It’s going to be a doggone fight,” she said. “He told us we can move in there.… I’m going to stay here until I have to move.”

Roy Sumner also said his wife would not open the retail shop, but Debbie Sumner said the shop already is open and isn’t closing.

If that’s the case, Manatee County will be investigating to determine whether the shop is a sexually oriented business and, if so, whether it complies with the county’s SOB and land-use regulations, said Joe Fenton of the code enforcement division.

“I’ll be sending an officer back out to the address,” he said.

Fenton said the code enforcement department already has issued notices of violations at the site, including for unpermitted work and golf carts positioned in the right of way.

“We’re looking into whether they are living there,” he added.

It the code enforcement notices are challenged, Fenton said the process first involves a review by a special magistrate and then, if the challenge goes forward, a hearing before the county code enforcement board.

Annunciation welcomes new pastor

Members of the Episcopal Church of the Annunciation congregation welcome their new pastor, Rev. Dee Ann de Montmollin, at a reception at the church fellowship hall Dec. 5. Pictured are Gerry and Thibaut Brian, left, Bud and Gretchen Edgren, de Montmollin, deacon Irvin Maranville and the pastor’s husband, Phil de Montmollin. Islander Photo: Bonner Joy

Cortez coyote crisis draws crowd

Scream “ahhhhhhh!”

That’s one suggestion to scare off a coyote, said Manatee County naturalist Lisa Hickey.

That’s also the response of some frustrated Cortezians who say coyotes are preying on domestic pets and feral cats.

Residents of the fishing village and other nearby communities gathered Dec. 9 at the Florida Maritime Museum in Cortez to discuss with county and state wildlife experts what appears to be a growing coyote population.

Village resident Linda Molto, who has reported the loss of cats to coyotes, moderated the 90-minute meeting.

About 50 people packed the former schoolhouse to listen to representatives from Florida Fish and Wildlife and the Manatee County Extension Office, but also to voice their grievances and express their fears about coyotes roaming back yards, parking lots and wooded areas.

Sometimes people shouted from the audience, asking whether there is anything government can do to control the coyotes.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Lt. Tom Ware said permits are issued to control the coyote population, generally to farmers and ranchers whose stock is being attacked.

Ware said he wasn’t aware of any trappers removing coyotes, but that the animals, introduced by hunters to the state in the 1920s for sport, are tracked and hunted.

The option of trapping and hunting coyotes intrigued some at the meeting, who wondered whether coyotes could be shot on the 100-acre Florida Institute for Saltwater Heritage Preserve on the east side of Cortez.

Ware said that might be up to FISH, but he expressed a number of safety concerns about such a strategy.

A simpler response to the situation, which likely would yield more success, would be to eliminate what’s drawing coyotes into the village — water and food sources, officials said.

Coyotes, like raccoons, eat what they can find and go for the easiest food source.

With development boxing coyotes into residential neighborhoods, the easiest food source can be garbage and small pets, said Hickey.

“Coyotes are very intelligent animals,” Hickey said. “But also very lazy. They will go for the easiest meal first — pets and feral cats. And that’s why you are seeing them in this community.”

Hickey said she received a call last week from a woman who witnessed a coyote attack her small dog, which had been let outside at about 5 a.m.

Florida, Hickey said, has a leash law that helps pet owners control their animals, as well as protect their animals.

Hickey also stressed that coyotes — about as big as a medium-sized collie — generally fear humans, and can be scared off with a wave of the arms or a scream. If not, she cautioned, the animal might be sick.

About 18 months ago, Hickey said residents in the Palma Sola area reported a problem with coyotes that had possibly moved into neighborhoods during the construction of Robinson Preserve.

Residents committed to removing food and water sources and the problem seemed to subside.

Several representatives from wildlife organizations said keeping domestic pets indoors and on leashes while working to control the feral cat population was the best solution to the problem.

Shooting coyotes might actually result in an increased population, said Becky Pomponio of Project Coyote. As some animals are put down, that creates an opportunity for more to move in from outside the range.

“If you hunt and trap, you will increase their numbers,” Pomponio said. “If you disperse their families by randomly killing them, you are going to end up with more coyotes.”

Plus, dogs and cats prey on native wildlife, said Pomponio, Manatee County Audubon Society representative Nancy Dean and Wildlife Inc. co-founder Gail Straight.

Without free-roaming pets “we wouldn’t have a problem with coyotes, and I wouldn’t have a freezer full of animals your cats ripped apart,” Straight said.

“Cats are supposed to be on a leash,” Dean said, reporting that domestic cats are responsible for the extinction of 33 species of birds in the United States and the death of a billion birds a year.

The most vocal residents in the audience, however, seemed resistant to leashing pets or keeping their cats indoors.

Plus, they remained concerned about how to protect the village’s feral cats and boasted that the cats help with rodent control.

“Those cats keep the mouse population down,” a woman shouted from the audience.

“So do coyotes,” Hickey replied.

At the conclusion of the meeting, there was a consensus to document coyote sightings in the area and to disseminate information in the village about coyote behavior.

Coyote conflicts

What attracts coyotes to residential areas? Food, shelter and water.

So animal experts recommend:

• Avoid feeding animals outside.

• Remove outside water bowls.

• Never compost fish scraps or meat.

• Keep trash in closed containers.

• Remove fallen fruit.

• Keep domestic pets indoors and, when outdoors, keep them on leashes.

What should a person do when facing a coyote?

• Yell or make another noise.

• Stand tall and wave arms.

• Do not run away.

Are coyotes a threat to people?

• Hardly ever. Incidents of coyotes attacking people are rare. There has been one human, a 3-year-old child, killed by a coyote. By comparison, domestic dogs kill as many as 30 people a year in the United States.

Sources: The Humane Society of the United States, Manatee County Extension Service

Harbour Isle sales office open

Harbour Isle sales office open

The sales office for Harbour Isle on north Perico Island was expected to open this week, but any contracts can’t be written until January.

Mike Belmont of Minto Properties Inc., owners of the project, said a grand opening would take place Feb. 1.

Phase One of Harbour Isle is Mangrove Walk, a 98-unit subdivision that will include two-story town homes, with an option for a third floor of living space.

Prices will begin around $320,000, Belmont said.

Harbour Isle’s site plan is approved by Bradenton for 686 units, but Belmont said the second phase of the project would not begin until the company determines the success of Mangrove Walk. The entire project will be done in phases, Belmont said.

Future plans for Harbour Isle call for a private beach club adjacent to a 110-slip marina that will be built at the site of the former Perico Harbor Marina.

HBPD issues warrant for grand theft

The Holmes Beach Police Department issued a warrant for the arrest of a woman suspected of stealing from a home where she was hired to pet-sit.

The suspect is identified in a probable cause affidavit from HBPD as Catherine Theresa O’Malley, 48.

No address was provided for O’Malley. The affidavit stated that she “cannot be located but is supposed to be living in numerous places within Sarasota.” Her last known Island address was in the 200 block of 77th Street in Holmes Beach.

O’Malley, in the document signed Dec. 1 by HBPD detective Michael Leonard, is accused of grand theft, a felony.

“The defendant knowingly obtained the property of another with the intent to temporarily or permanently deprive the owner of their right to the property,” the report stated.

O’Malley allegedly stole from Barbara and David Hines, who hired the former Haley’s Motel employee to take care of their pets and clean their Holmes Beach home while they vacationed in Italy.

The Hines were abroad in early November when they began to have trouble with their bank accounts.

When they returned, they learned of checks cashed on their accounts and found numerous items missing from their residence, including a car.

“The defendant was not given permission or authorization to take or use any of the victim’s belongings,” the police affidavit stated. “The defendant stole the victim’s vehicle and a large amount of property from the victim’s house.”

HBPD also reported that a witness said O’Malley bragged to her about the theft and selling the belongings at antique stores “so that she could obtain money to buy crack cocaine.”

Stolen property includes jewelry, art, a purse, checks, credit cards, cash and coins, CDs, dishes, crystal, statues, a GPS device, miniature collectibles, decorative items, clothing and furnishings.

“The victim’s bank fraud department has images showing the defendant cashing and attempting to cash the stolen checks throughout the area,” HBPD reported. “The total amount for the items that were stolen is $23,213.”

If arrested, O’Malley’s bond has been pre-determined — $10,000.

A police report described her as having long, straight blonde hair and about 5 feet, 5 inches tall with a light build.

The Islander Classifieds: Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2010


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Island police blotter – 12-15-2010

Anna Maria

• Dec. 2, 400 block of Pine Avenue, information. The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office substation received a report about a recreational vehicle parked on a vacant lot.

Bradenton Beach

• Dec. 1, 700 block of Gulf Drive North, theft. Bradenton Beach Police Department investigated a report that someone stole a donation box from a souvenir shop.

• Dec. 2, 2500 block of Avenue A, burglary. BBPD investigated a report that someone entered a residence and removed a wallet case.

• Dec. 5, Cortez Beach, theft. A woman reported that when she returned from the beach she found a car window broken and personal belongings removed from the vehicle.

• Dec. 5, 100 block of Bridge Street, trespass. BBPD issued a trespass to a woman for allegedly harassing patrons at a bar.

• Dec. 5, Cortez Beach, warrant arrest. BBPD arrested a 39-year-old woman on a federal warrant for contempt of court. Police noticed the woman because she was parked at the beach after hours.

• Dec. 8, 2500 block of Avenue B, stabbing. BBPD officers arrested a man for allegedly stabbing another in the back. The man was taken to the police station, where he escaped, but was recaptured.


• Dec. 6, 4500 block of 119th Street West. The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office investigated a reported burglary to a seafood and bait shop. The early-morning theft of three fishing nets valued at about $3,000 was reported.

Holmes Beach

• Dec. 5, 400 block of Clark Drive, loud noise. The Holmes Beach Police Department responded to a complaint about excessive noise from a residence and observed from outside what appeared to be juveniles drinking inside the residence. Police officers waited outside for people to exit. HBPD called for rides to transport several intoxicated adults and notified the parents of several juveniles who had been drinking alcohol.

• Dec. 5, 5900 block of Flotilla Drive, loud party. HBPD responded to a complaint about a loud patio party and ordered the residents to turn down the music.

• Dec. 6, 200 block of 73rd Street, theft. HBPD received a report of a bicycle stolen from a carport sometime Dec. 5-6. The blue women’s Electra with “I heart my bike” on the handlebar bell was valued at about $229.

• Dec. 7, 100 block of 48th Street, theft. HBPD responded to a report of a tandem bicycle stolen from a residential back yard. The bicycle had been engraved with identification details to assist the investigation.

Streetlife is based on incident reports and narratives from the Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach police departments and the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office as of Dec. 10.

Sports – 12-15-2010

Islander Jones runs Palm Beach marathon

She started running for her health. Now she runs for health and she’s grown to be competitive.

Holmes Beach resident Ellen Jones recently competed in the Palm Beaches Marathon Dec. 5 in West Palm Beach and finished a very respectable eighth place in the 55-59 age group.

Her official time of 6:07:07 wasn’t quite the time she expected as she battled a foot issue that flared up at the 18-mile mark. Up to that point, Jones was on pace for a 5-hour finish. She first took off her shoes and tried to run barefoot, which didn’t help matters.

She then covered her feet with biofreeze to numb the pain, allowing her to put on shoes and limp through the remainder of the race.

Jones trained for 18 months to compete in the marathon, including once-a-week workouts with the Manatee High School girls’ cross-country team and their coach Rae Ann Darling Reed.

She did core training and gradually added mileage each week, building to 20 miles while running mostly on soft flat beach sand to avoid injuries.

Jones’ feat is even more impressive when you consider, according to 2009 statistics, less than 3 percent of women her age are able to finish a marathon

Congratulations Ellen, keep it on track.

Islanders medal in pickleball

Six regular pickleball players from the Anna Maria Island Community Center league entered the Florida Senior Games in Estero, Fla., over the Dec. 4-5 weekend and the group managed quite a haul of metal. They garnered a total of nine medals, including three gold, four silver and a pair of bronze.

Craig Humphreys defeated Bill Wilson for the men’s singles gold medal, while Toni Teasdale earned a silver medal in women’s singles, losing to Deb Harrison, a national pickleball champion.

Jim Teasdale and Bob McClure brought home a gold medal in men’s 75-79 doubles. Toni Teasdale and Barb Smith took silver in ladies’ doubles, while Humpheys and Smith picked up a bronze medal in mixed doubles.

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports for seniors as it is easier on the body than tennis, thanks in part to a smaller court.

For more information about getting started in pickelball, call Bob Taylor, USAPA ambassador for pickleball in Bradenton and on Anna Maria Island at 941-778-6465.

Key Royale news

The women and men of the Key Royale Club played a nine-hole, two-best-balls-of-partners golf game Dec. 10. The team of Terry Westby, Tom Warda and Ron Robinson combined to card a 56 and take first place. Second place went to the team of Penny Williams, Nell Bergstrom and Ron Robinson with a 60.

The men played a better-ball-of-partners game in their 18-hole tournament Dec. 8. The team of Earl Ritchie and Jim Mixon combined to card a 49 and take first place by two strokes over second-place finishers Carl Voyles and Dan Hayes.

The team of Dick Eichorn, Pete Weir, Hugh Holmes and Hugh Holmes Jr. carded a 9-under-par 23 to win the best-ball-of foursome match played Dec. 6.

Horseshoe news

Four teams emerged from pool play to qualify for the playoffs during Dec. 11 horseshoe action at the Anna Maria City Hall horseshoe pits. Walker Bruce Munro easily dispatched the team of Norm Good and Jerry Bennett by a 21-7 score. The other semifinal saw Herb Puryear and Jerry Disbrow defeat Jay Disbrow and Gene Bobeldyk by a 22-13 score. Munro came on strong in the finals, defeating Disbrow-Puryear 21-9.

Three teams qualified for the playoffs during Dec. 8 horseshoe action. Art Kingstad and Barbara Nolasname’ drew the bye into the finals and watched as Jerry Disbrow and John Crawford defeated Norm Good and Fritz Eldrich 21-16. The finals saw Disbrow-Crawford roll past Kingstad-Nolasname 23-8.

Play gets under way at 9 a.m. every Wednesday and Saturday at the Anna Maria City Hall pits. Warmups begin at 8:45 a.m. followed by random team selection. There is no charge to play and everyone is welcome.

MAYSO offers spring soccer

Island soccer just ended, but Manatee Area Youth Soccer Organization is offering a chance for prospective players to keep on playing with Spring Soccer. Players ages 4-18 can register at the MAYSO clubhouse from 9 a.m. to noon Jan. 15, Jan. 29 and Feb. 12. Cost is $100 for U5-U8 age groups and $125 for U10-U18.

Practices will start at the end of February with the schedule of matches March 19-May 28.

For more information or directions to the clubhouse, go to or e-mail

Manatee hosts beach volley

Manatee Area Volleyball Club is hosting a beach volleyball tournament at the Manatee County Public Beach Saturday, Dec. 18, for juniors and adults.

Check in starts at 8 a.m. and play gets under way at 9 a.m.

To register, e-mail Nancy Cothron at, or call her at 941-748-1093.

Or stop by the beach to catch the action.

Island real estate transactions – 12-15-2010

101 66th St., Unit 8, Mainsail Beach Inn, Holmes Beach, a 1,248 sfla / 1,337 sfur 3bed/2bath Gulffront condo built in 2008 was sold 11/24/10, Mainsail AMI Beach Inn LLLP to Powell for $852,200; list $852,200.

2319 Ave. B, Bradenton Beach, a 2,720 sfla / 3,744 sfur 4bed/4bath duplex built in 1983 on a 50×100 corner lot was sold 11/24/10, Riley to Jacobsen for $449,000.

102 43rd St., Holmes Beach, a vacant 65×110 single land condo lot was sold 11/22/10, Oceanside Oasis LLC to Holmes Beach Investments LLC for $400,000; list $429,000.

1429 Gulf Drive N., Unit 19, Bermuda Bay Club, Bradenton Beach, a 1,524 sfla / 2,622 sfur 3bed/2½bath/2car condo with built in 1999 was sold 11/23/10, Skerrett to Herrington for $330,000; list $375,000.

6400 Flotilla Drive, Unit 25, Westbay Point & Moorings, Holmes Beach, a 985 sfla / 1,377 sfur 2bed/2bath condo with shared pool built in 1977 was sold 11/19/10, Beckman to Savas for $240,000; list $269,900.

304 62nd St., Holmes Beach, a 2,015 sfla / 2,055 sfur 2bed/2bath home built in 1969 on a 75×100 lot was sold 11/17/10, Wells Fargo Bank to Vayias for $215,000; list $234,900.

Jesse Brisson, broker/associate at Gulf-Bay Realty of Anna Maria, can be reached at 941-778-7244.