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Authorities find stolen auto

Authorities recovered in Virginia a car stolen during a home invasion Jan. 25 in Holmes Beach.

“We’ve located the vehicle … dumped off at an apartment complex in Roanoke,” Holmes Beach Police Department Det. Mike Leonard said Jan. 28.

Authorities continued to search for the two women who broke into a residence in the 4900 block of Second Avenue North in Holmes Beach and stole jewelry, cash, credit cards and an auto after restraining the resident.

​HBPD, in a news release issued Jan. 25, described the suspects as female — one shorter, with possible facial piercings on the lower lip, and one taller with longer hair. Both, at the time of the incident, wore knit hats and one wore cut-off green cargo pants.

An image released later in the week — a photograph taken by a watchful resident in the neighborhood — showed the two suspects wearing blankets over their shoulders.

One Response to Authorities find stolen auto

  1. danny boyd says:

    Any chance this case might have already been solved if we were not so politically correct?
    As I read the description of the suspects it reminded me of two people I saw last week, but they were purple and I figure a distinguishing characteristic like skin color would be mentioned in a description. When I saw the photo later on, I was relieved to know it wasn’t those purple people I saw.

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