Authorities find stolen auto

Authorities recovered in Virginia a car stolen during a home invasion Jan. 25 in Holmes Beach.

“We’ve located the vehicle … dumped off at an apartment complex in Roanoke,” Holmes Beach Police Department Det. Mike Leonard said Jan. 28.

Authorities continued to search for the two women who broke into a residence in the 4900 block of Second Avenue North in Holmes Beach and stole jewelry, cash, credit cards and an auto after restraining the resident.

​HBPD, in a news release issued Jan. 25, described the suspects as female — one shorter, with possible facial piercings on the lower lip, and one taller with longer hair. Both, at the time of the incident, wore knit hats and one wore cut-off green cargo pants.

An image released later in the week — a photograph taken by a watchful resident in the neighborhood — showed the two suspects wearing blankets over their shoulders.

One thought on “Authorities find stolen auto

  1. danny boyd

    Any chance this case might have already been solved if we were not so politically correct?
    As I read the description of the suspects it reminded me of two people I saw last week, but they were purple and I figure a distinguishing characteristic like skin color would be mentioned in a description. When I saw the photo later on, I was relieved to know it wasn’t those purple people I saw.


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