Animal advocates demonstrate

Animal-rights advocates Paula Demilly and Alisa Foxworthy demonstrate June 16 along with a crowd of about 800 at a rally outside the Manatee County administration building in downtown Bradenton, where the county board held a public hearing on the proposed 2011-12 budget. Animal-welfare advocates were concerned, based on prior comments by two commissioners, that funding might be cut for the county’s pet adoption programs. During the hearing, commissioners assured activists that would not happen. Islander Photo: Bonner Joy

One thought on “Animal advocates demonstrate

  1. Jeff Porzelius

    While I don’t disagree with helping these animals, I’m wondering if these same people who raise their signs in protest for an animal would even consider standing outside an abortion clinic and raise their voices for an unborn child as they’re slaughtered alive…..suctioned apart piece by piece in their mother’s wombs. Just something to consider.


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