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Hand to hand

Anti-drilling demonstrators — about 40 — gather June 25 on the beach near 52nd Street in Holmes Beach for Hands Across the Sand, a global event to promote clean energy alternatives to oil exploration, extraction and consumption. Islander Photos: Lisa Neff

Holmes Beach resident Pete Gross, right, who coordinated Hands Across the Sand at 52nd Street June 25, talks with Bradenton resident Mary Shepard about an initiative to amend the state constitution to ban oil exploration and drilling in state waters.

Manuela Hebert of Anna Maria Island and Tanya Toner of Tampa hold hands during a demonstration June 25 for clean energy alternatives to oil — and drilling for oil. A Hands Across the Sand event also took place in Anna Maria near Cedar Avenue.

At noon, anti-drilling demonstrators hold hands to form a chain on the beach in Holmes Beach. Events took place throughout the world. The first global Hands Across the Sand took place last summer, largely in response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the northern Gulf of Mexico.

A sign at the beach access near 52nd Street in Holmes Beach advertises Hands Across the Sand June 25.

Hands Across the Sand attracts children and adults to the shore in Holmes Beach.

Harry Davis, Wally the Alligator and Janice Johnson, all of Riverview, join in Hands Across the Sand.

3 Responses to Hand to hand

  1. Manuela Hebert says:

    Anna Maria Island has been my home for the past 15 years. It is a slice of paradise that must be preserved. Hands Accross the Sand is a great way to remind us to take care of our planet. There is so much each and every one of us can do to keep Mother Earth healthy. It can be as simple as recycling, picking up trash when walking the beach, or not making unnecessary trips using your car. If each one of us does a little, we all can make a big difference. I am so grateful to call Anna Maria Island my home. Thank you, Manuela

  2. gunseller says:

    No problem, lets just cut the cost of gasoline back to .75 where it should be and you anti drillers can pick up the difference.

  3. Shauna Francis says:

    For the second year in a row I proudly stood and held hands with other fellow Anna Maria Island beach lovers, to support Hands Across the Sand off of Cedar Ave. My children also proudly stood with us. One day last fall my 4 year old randomly asked me “will the oil get us too?” Heartwrenching.

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