HBPD responds to bar fight

The Holmes Beach Police Department responded late Sept. 2 to a fight in the 5300 block of Gulf Drive, just outside Martiniville.

At least five people were involved in the incident.

The police report states that HBPD officers were called to Martiniville at about 11:35 p.m. and found a 26-year-old woman, her face covered in blood, lying in the road.

Two other women, acquaintances, told the officers that the injured woman had been engaged in a mobile phone conversation on the patio at Martiniville and they told her to “chill out” and not be a “Debbie downer.”

The woman then became irate when a Martiniville bouncer asked her to move from the patio, and both the woman and her 28-year-old boyfriend yelled racial slurs at the bouncer.

Outside Martiniville, the three women began to fight, apparently over lost car keys, according to HBPD.

Two witnesses said the injured woman fell in the road when the Martiniville bouncer attempted to break up the fight.

The report indicated that no one involved in the incident wanted to pursue charges.

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