Man arrested for domestic battery

A boater in Bradenton Beach’s anchorage field was arrested Sept. 19 for alleged domestic battery against a woman.

The incident happened just before midnight, with the Bradenton Beach Police Department arresting Obie Combs, 63.

Combs, who has no known address, faces a charge of felony domestic battery by strangulation. He also faces a charge of resisting arrest without violence, a misdemeanor.

The police report indicates that the BBPD was dispatched to deal with a disturbance on a boat. Two witnesses told a BBPD officer that they saw a man with his hands around a woman’s throat, and he was forcing her toward the rear of the boat.

BBPD officers reported that when they called to Combs to come into shore, he allegedly jumped from the boat and began to swim away.

The BBPD maintains that Combs later said he started swimming because he wanted to avoid arrest.

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