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Youth soccer perfectionists whittled to one


Only one team — Division III Gettel Toyota — retains a perfect record in the Anna Maria Island Community Center’s recreational soccer league following last week’s action.

The winless Spinnakers Vacation Cottages battled Division I leader Autoway Ford to a 2-2 tie Oct. 12, dropping their record to 4-0-1, a point ahead of second-place Wash Family Construction. Gettel didn’t play last week and remained atop of the division standings by a comfortable 6-point margin.

LaPensee Plumbing moved to the top of the Division II standings after Jen Crady Massage tied winless Eat Here Oct. 12 thanks to outstanding defensive play from Willow Cooper, Leo Tilelli and Brennan Bowers in front of goalie Jovan Vasquez.

Jen Crady looked to get on the scoreboard in the 11th minute when Olivia Glavan ran onto a nice throughball from Aiden Grumley. Glavan carried the ball toward the goal, bringing Vasquez off his line to challenge. Glavan then fired a shot that Vasquez got a hand on, but the ball continued to roll towards the empty goal. Bowers flew in and cleared the ball off the goal line before the bevy of awaiting Jen Crady players could get a foot on it. Bowers then passed the ball forward to Clayton Wilkinson at midfield, and Wilkinson passed the ball inside to Joey Theil who did the rest. Theil took the ball up the left side and scored to give Eat Here a 1-0 lead.

Jen Crady Massage had another stellar scoring chance in the 14th minute when Cameron Pasco got loose up the right side. He fired a bad-angle shot that hit off of Trent Shackleford’s back which wrong-footed Vazquez, but he somehow got a hand on the ball and the shot tipped off the crossbar to preserve Eat Here’s 1-0 lead.

The second half brought more Jen Crady pressure and more stellar defense from Eat Here, though Eat Here came very close to extending its lead in the 35th minute, when a corner kick produced quality shots from both Cooper and Bowers. Both shots were blocked by the Crady goalie before Grumley finally cleared the ball out of his end.

Jen Crady came within a hand of scoring the tying goal in the 38th minute when Glavan one-timed a rocket shot from 27 yards, but Vazquez got his hand up to make the save.

Jen Crady Massage finally broke through to score the tying goal in the 50th minute when Glavan carried the ball up the left side, cut back and hit a right-footed shot past a screened Vazquez to make the score 1-1.

The 52nd minute saw an inadvertent hand ball in the box by an Eat Here defender, but Grumley was wide left on the penalty kick as the whistle blew on 1-1 tie.

In other Division II action last week, LaPensee Plumbing rolled past Eat Here 6-1 Oct. 11. Sullivan Ferriera led the way with two goals, while Adra Dupris, Corbin Gregg and Joe Rogers each notched one goal in the victory. Brenden Murphy scored the lone goal for Eat Here in the loss.

Wash Family Construction moved to within a point of first place in Division I thanks to a 4-3 victory over Mr. Bones Oct. 12. Nico Calleja and Tyler Yavalar scored two goals each in the win. Ben Connors scored two goals to lead Mr. Bones BBQ, which also received one goal from Dylan Joseph in the loss.

Spinnakers Cottages earned a 2-2 against the formerly perfect Autoway Ford. Henrik Helleum-Brusso and Jacob Talucci scored one goal each for Spinnakers, while Gillian Cassidy man-marked the dangerous Michael Latimer and held him to two goals in the tie.

West Coast Surf Shop earned its first win of the season Oct. 10, defeating The Feast 6-5. Luke Marvin scored five goals to lead the way with David Daigle adding one goal in the victory. Gerrardo Serrano scored all five goals for The Feast in the loss.

Island Pest Control moved into second place in Division III thanks to a 5-2 win over Island Real Estate Oct. 11. Sean Rodriguez led the way with four goals, while Morgan Horesh added one goal. Tyler Brewer scored twice to lead IRE in the loss.

Beach Bistro scored its first victory Oct. 10 in Premier Division action. Helio Gomez led the Bistro scoring with five goals, followed by three goals from Austin Wash and one goal from Kyle Parsons in the victory. Chandler Hardy scored five goals to lead Ace Hardware. Julius Gomes scored twice and Gabe Salter added one goal in the loss.

Ross Built moved into first place in the adult soccer division thanks to a 3-2 victory over previously undefeated Sato Real Estate during adult soccer action Oct. 13. Lakewood Ranch girls soccer coach Guy Virgilio scored all three goals for Ross Built. Sato Real Estate received a goal each from Rich Bell and Matt Plummer in the loss.


Horseshoe news

Three teams emerged from pool play during Oct. 15 horseshoe action at the Anna Maria City hall horseshoe pits. Deb Rhodes and Sam Samuels defeated Tom Rhodes and Norm Good 21-14 to advance to the championship game. They defeated walker Jeff Moore 23-13 in the championship match.

The team of Jerry Disbrow and Bob Dizon were the only team to earn three pool-play victories and were the day’s outright champs during Oct. 12 horseshoe action.

Play gets under way at 9 a.m. every Wednesday and Saturday at the Anna Maria City Hall pits. Warmups begin at 8:45 a.m. followed by random team selection.

There is no charge to play and everyone is welcome.


AMICC Soccer League standings

Division III (ages 8-9)

Teams                             W    L      T      Pts.

Gettel Toyota                  4      0      0      12

Isl. Pest Control              2      3      0      6

Island Real Est.               1      2      2      5

The Feast                        1      2      1      4

WC Surf Shop                 1      2      1      1


Division II (ages 10-11)

LaPensee                         4      1      0      12

Crady Massage               3      1      1      10

Eat Here                          0      5      1      1


Division I (ages 12-14)

Autoway Ford                 4      0      1      13

Wash FC                         4      1      0      12

Mr. Bones                       1      4      0      3

Spinnakers                      0      4      1      1


Adult Division

Ross Built                       4      1      0      12

Meilner & Son                3      1      1      10

Sato Real Estate             3      0      0      9

Island Pest                       2      2      1      7

Jessie’s                            2      1      1      7

FL Dis. Sign                    1      3      1      4

WC Air Cond.                 1      3      0      3

Wash FC                         1      2      0      3

Euphemia                        1      3      0      3


AMICC Soccer League schedule

Instructional Division (ages 4-5)

Oct. 25    6 p.m.      Bowes Imaging vs. Isl. Dental

Oct. 25    6:30 p.m. White Egret vs. Gulf Bay


Instructional Division (ages 6-7)

Oct. 19    6 p.m.      Beach Bums vs. Coastal

Oct. 19    7 p.m.      Tyler’s vs. A&E

Oct. 21    6 p.m.      A&E vs. Beach Bums

Oct. 21    7 p.m.      Coastal vs. Tyler’s

Oct. 25    7 p.m.      A&E vs. Coastal


Division III (ages 8-9)

Oct. 19    6 p.m.      W.C. Surf Shop vs. Isl. Pest Control


Division II (ages 10-11)

Oct. 19    7 p.m.      LaPensee vs. Eat Here

Oct. 25    6 p.m.      Crady Massage vs. Eat Here


Division I (ages 12-13)

Oct. 21    6 p.m.      Mr. Bones vs. Autoway

Oct. 21    7 p.m.      Spinnakers vs. Wash FC


Premier Division (ages 14-17)

Oct. 25    7 p.m.      Ace Hardware vs. Beach Bistro


Adult Coed Division

Oct. 20    6 p.m.      Discount Sign vs. Wash

Oct. 20    7 p.m.      Meilner vs. Sato

Oct. 20    8 p.m.      Jessie’s vs. Euphemia Haye

Oct. 20    9 p.m.      WCAC vs. Ross Built


AMICC Adult Basketball

Oct. 25    6:30 p.m. Bowes vs. Unique Detailing

Oct. 25    7:30 p.m. Agnelli Pool vs. Sun

Oct. 25    8:30 p.m. Beach to Bay vs. Southern Greens


AMICC Adult Basketball standings

Unique Mobile Detailing 5    0      0

Bowes Imaging                 3    2      0

Beach to Bay Const.         3    2      0

Agnelli Pool & Spa          2    3      0

Southern Greens               2    3      0

Island Sun                         0    5      0

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