BB man denied jail release

A Bradenton Beach man accused of stabbing another man and escaping from police custody is asking the court to dismiss his attorney.

The man, Jacob Gennell of Bradenton Beach, recently lost his petition to have the charges dismissed in the case.

Bradenton Beach police arrested Gennell for allegedly stabbing a man Dec. 8, 2010, in the 2500 block of Avenue B.

The police report stated that a man told officers he was lured outside a home, hit with a bat and stabbed five times. The man suffered broken ribs and a punctured lung.

Gennell was taken to BBPD, where, according to police, he escaped. He was captured soon after with the assistance of a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office deputy.

Gennell has been in the Manatee County jail since May, after a judge issued an order to revoke his bond.

Gennell asked the court to dismiss the case, claiming someone else had confessed to the crime.

When that request was denied, he asked the court to dismiss his attorney, a public defender.

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