BBPD arrests 2 for neglect

A Cortez couple was arrested Oct. 23 for neglect of child.

The arrests followed an altercation on the Historic Bridge Street Pier, 200 Bridge St.

Police said the incident involved several people, alcohol and an infant in a baby stroller.

The Bradenton Beach Police Department reported that two people, one of them identified as Francis William Dunn, 30, of Cortez, and Kayla Ann Boak, 21, of Cortez, got into a verbal disagreement.

Dunn, during the dispute, tripped over a woman, which led him into an argument with her, and then a physical fight that Boak joined, according to BBPD.

In the fighting, Dunn allegedly knocked over a baby stroller he had been pushing. The infant in the stroller hit the ground, suffered a head injury and was taken to the hospital.

BBPD arrested Dunn and Boak. The officer stated in the report that the two “failed to make any reasonable effort to protect (name omitted) from neglect.”

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