Sports – 12-21-2011

Being good sports, golf action at KRC


It’s hard to believe another year has passed and Christmas is upon us. Since we are celebrating the season of giving and there’s time for reflection, I wanted to point out an observation from attending so many sporting events over the years.

That is, parents, coaches and players of all ages need to show game officials more respect.

They are the authority figure in that given situation and their decisions are final. In all my years I’ve never seen an official in any sport change their call because a player, coach or parent complained.

Do referees make bad calls? Of course, they do, but to listen to fans on the sidelines of a game you’d think they never made a good call. “We lost because of the referee” or “the ref sucks” are comments I hear many times over from adults and kids alike.

Referees are human and they make mistakes just like the players make mistakes. I could see the headlines already if a referee told a kid “he sucks,” or ridiculed or derided a player because of how they performed.

But that doesn’t happen and it’s because sporting referees and officials are bound by a code of conduct.

It’s too bad everyone couldn’t abide by such a code.

Overall sportsmanship is getting watered down and from where I stand, it starts from the top. When kids hear their parents and their coach ripping a game official, it sends a message that it’s alright for them to follow suit.

So often we hear that sports mirrors life, and so, if that’s to be believed, disrespect for game officials can easily transfer to parents, teachers and other authority figures.

All I’m saying is we all need to “tone it down” and let the kids play. For the adults in the community playing sports or attending their kids’ games, let it go and play on.

With that being said, I want to thank the people who help me fulfill my reporting “game,” the regular contributors to The Islander.

I want to thank folks like Ed Havlik and Sally York of the Key Royale Club and Sam Samuels and Ron Pepka who report from the horseshoe pits in Anna maria. Week in and week out, I know they’ll be e-mailing their weekly results.

Next I have to thank Troy Shonk, Lindsey Weaver, Scott Dell and all of the participants in the Anna Maria Island Community Center’s sports programs. The Center’s sports leagues comprise the majority of my sports section and have for many years.

Other contributors, including Mickey Hooke who keeps Islanders abreast of the Florida running scene, the Pickleball champs from the community center, senior game participants and many others who currently elude my memory have my gratitude.

Merry Christmas to you all.


Key Royale golf news

The men and women of the Key Royale Club have had another busy week of golf. Members and guests played a coed, delete-the-worst-team-ball-on-each-hole game Dec. 16. The team of Nel Bergstrom, Terry Westby and Tom Warda carded an 80 to take first place by one stroke over the team of Eunice Warda, Dick Rouse and Sue Little.

The men played a nine-hole scramble Dec. 15 in which the team of Quentin Talbert, Tom Nelson, John Kolijeski and Tom MCDonnell combined on a 6-under-par 26. Two shots back at 4-under-par was the team of Merritt Fineout, Ron Pritchard, Bob Lange and Duane Dzibinski.

Dec. 14 saw the men play an 18-hole, two-best-balls-of-foursome match. The team of Vince Mercadante, Jim Mixon, Pete Weir and Dick Eichorn torched the course with a 26-under-par 102. Ron Richard, Carly Voyles, Jim Thorton and Bob Elliott were four shots back in second place.

The Key Royale women played a team and individual low-net match over nine holes Dec. 13. Kris Landkammer’s birdie on the eighth hole gave her first place in Flight B. Joyce Brown and Beverly Neville’s 1-under-31 put them in a four-way tie for second place in Flight B with Terry Westby and Liz Lang, but also propelled their team, includingSara Falk and Nancy King, to the team title.

Flight A winner was Maxine Mitchell with a 3-under-par 29, while Marlyn Thorton was alone in second place with an even-par 32.

Joyce Reith won Flight C with a 3-under-par 29, while Sally Keyes won Flight D with the same score. Jane Winegarden and Rose Slomba tied for second place with even-par 32.

The men played a nine-hole Stableford game Dec. 13. Jerry Dahl’s game-high plus-6 propelled his team of Jon Holcomb, Merritt Fineout and Larry Pippel to first place in the team competition. Dahl’s individual score was one shot better than Earl Ritchie, who finished in second place.

A two-best balls of foursome over nine holes was the game of the day during Dec. 12 men’s golf. Joe Dickenson, Al Kaiser, Wade Ladue and Art Hibbs combined to card a 19-under-par 45. Two shots back in second place was the team of Tom Lewis, Tom O’Brian and Harrold McKammish.

The men played an 18-hole, individual-low-net match Dec. 10. Earl Ritchie carded a 9-under-par 55 to take first place by two shots over Dick Eichorn. Tom Lewis was alone in third with a 4-under 60.


Horseshoe news

Ten teams participated in the Dec. 17 horseshoe games at the Anna Maria City Hall horseshoe pits. Debbie Rhodes and Jay Disbrow were the only team to earn three pool-play victories and were the day’s outright champs.

Bob Palmer and Norm Good outlasted eight other particpants and were outright champs during Dec. 14 horseshoe action.

Play gets under way at 9 a.m. every Wednesday and Saturday at the Anna Maria City Hall pits. Warmups begin at 8:45 a.m. followed by random team selection.

There is no charge to play and everyone is welcome.

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