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  1. Kathy Caserta

    Why would you put a ball of fire in a lantern and let it go with the wind when  the wind is blowing towards the Australian Pines in front of a house?

    Oh yes, because it is the 3rd of July!
    I always wondered about a firetruck being able to come up the street in the event that there was a fire. 
    Tonight we were lucky, the next time we might not be. 

    Cars are parked on the street tandem one behind another and sometimes 3 are lined up behind one another. 

    Yes, the ball of fire was released and the wind took it high up into the Australian pines to start a fire. We don’t have hoses to reach that far and if we did the stream of water would not reach the height of the trees. 

    A neighbor saw the lantern get stuck in the trees and start to burn. He called the fire department in the event that all the pines would catch on fire and his house would be next. 

    All this happens after 3 days of Tropical Storm Debby. It would not be fair to lose a tree or a house after they survived a storm. 

    I enjoy watching people have fun. 
    I don’t enjoy property being destroyed. 

    Perhaps we should propose stricter parking enforcement. One car per spot at a dead end street, not one or two behind each other blocking the path for the firetruck. 

    Alcohol, fireworks, and people not thinking are the ingredients needed for a disaster. Sound familiar, perhaps we can all help each other by monitoring and calling the police or fire department when things don’t look right. 

    Thank you to the fire department for a quick response to a possible disaster. 

    I just read this note that was posted in the Bradenton Patch on July 4th. 

    • If you’re going to play with fireworks, they’re illegal in Florida if they fly or launch off the ground. If you’re caught, they will be confiscated and carry up to a $1,000 fine or an arrest 

    All the best from the beach,
    Kathy Caserta
    101 30th Street

  2. Maureen Dahms

    I want to applaud the editor for having the courage to put the issue of fireworks on the table. We have always thought they are dangerous, dirty and damaging to our beaches. We know how the noise affects our animals and I can’t imagine how our birds are impacted here in their ‘bird sanctuary’. It is time to share our feelings about this very important topic. Thank you Bonner!
    Maureen Dahms


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