Landmark Island ‘anvil’ to close May 1

The Sterling Anvil jewelry store at 5508 Marina Drive in Holmes Beach is probably the Island’s oldest jewelry store, having opened its doors in 1971. It’s also quite likely that during the past 40 years, owners Mary Norman and Roxanne Reid have met just about everyone who lives in Holmes Beach.

But the doors of the Sterling Anvil will close for good May 1.

Norman and Reid have decided to retire and close the store.

In a joint statement, Norman and Reid said, “As much as we will miss working with our customers and making our handcrafted jewelry, we feel it is time to enjoy retirement.”

They also noted that in recent years, “The price of silver and gold has risen to historical heights, which has negatively influenced our usual reasonable prices of jewelry.”

Reid and Norman said they were making the announcement now to halt speculation about the store that has circulated on Anna Maria Island in recent weeks. They also want customers to know they should use any gift cards by May 1.

There will be no clearance sale or goodbye party, Reid said.

The statement said they are “deeply grateful to our loyal customers who have supported our efforts for the past 40 years and have made our venture a success.”

Reid said she and Norman also have decided not to give interviews.

“We want to keep this as low key as possible,” Reid said.

Norman opened the Sterling Anvil in 1971 in a shop on Gulf Drive just west of the Marina Drive intersection. A few years later, Reid became a co-owner.

In 2008, the store moved from Gulf Drive to its present location.

Dennis Christie of Christie’s Plumbing, who owns the building where Sterling Anvil is located, said he was “surprised and shocked” when Reid and Norman gave him notice they were closing the store.

He is advertising for a new tenant.

One thought on “Landmark Island ‘anvil’ to close May 1

  1. keith

    Gold & Silver in a “bubble” causing stress on jewelery stores? Feels similar to the real estate bubble of 2006! Who’ll carry the heritage of Stirling Anvil’s style? We ask… What will become of our roller coaster economy? We ask…


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