Anna Mara pier shoreline renourishment nearly done

The Tampa Bay shoreline on the north and south sides of the Anna Maria City Pier is the beneficiary of a West Coast Inland Navigation District dredging project that is clearing the Bimini Bay channel of excess sand and fill and pumping it to the city pier.

The project began Feb. 9 and the addition of sand to the south side of the pier has finished. Crews from Florida Dock & Dredge are now pumping sand along a pipeline to the north shoreline of the city pier.

When completed, said Anna Maria public works director George McKay, the additional sand will extend the shoreline into Tampa Bay about 10-20 feet.

The permit authorizes Florida Dock & Dredge to dispose of the dredged sand on about 500 feet of shoreline from the Lake LaVista jetty southward to the end of the city pier parking lot.

The project will not extend north of the Lake LaVista inlet, according to the permit approved by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

WCIND said in a press release it took several core samples from Bimini Bay before the dredging began to ensure the dredged material showed “compatibility with the maintenance dredge footprint.”

The samples were sent to the DEP for approval as beach-quality material before dredging began, the press release said. WCIND authorized the city to receive the sand at no charge as part of the project.

If the weather remains favorable, the project will be completed by late February, McKay said.

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