How Conga for a Cause Came to Be

News article courtesy of Mike Sales

There I was, playing a show at the beach on Anna Maria Island, watching everyone have a good time with the sunset, music and good company, when I said it, “Pardon me Mayor, but I’m having a little trouble getting into Wikipedia and they’ll never call me to perform in the USO if I’m not a household name. So, would you be so kind as to give me some designation like the official singer of Bradenton Beach?”

The Mayor responded that, while it was perfectly in is province to issue a proclamation, he wouldn’t do that because there are many fine singers on the island who would qualify just as well.

So, I decided to set myself apart.

Plan A was to write a song about the city and to present it…Hmm, how to present it? I know, I’ll write a song that people can stroll to, and hold an event featuring people strolling down Bridge Street. Logistics? How am I gonna get everyone to line up? Will the city even let me block the street?

Plan B: Switch the dance to a conga and move it to the beach And, since I already have a song that works for a conga line dance, how about attempting a world’s record for the longest conga line?? That’s how it all came together.

The plan is to:

• Video the event and edit it down to a three-minute music video for the song.
• Load the music video onto YouTubeDirect people from youtube to my website to download the song.
• Bradenton Beach will get some attention for being a fun town. I may stand out from the pack, long enough to justify a proclamation.
• Qualify for Wikipedia.

Lisa Williams is nice lady at the Islander who helps me with advertising each week. You may have read about her in the papers lately. She’s taken it upon herself (at her own expense) to assist area animal shelters in adopting a no-kill policy. Being an animal lover myself (I adopted my own dog, Hogan, from a shelter four years ago), my pre-existing event ended up providing the perfect vehicle for her to talk about her efforts and create an awareness about the needs of Manatee County animal shelters.

The Event is Scheduled for April 23rd, 1-2pm in Bradenton Beach at the round-a-bout on the beach. It is a free event and everyone is invited.

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