Island police blotter – 03-28-2012

Anna Maria

• March 15, 400 block of Alamanda Road, disturbance. A Manatee County Sheriff’s Office deputy responded to a 911 call in regards to two groups of people arguing over a traffic incident. The deputy made contact with people yelling and cursing at one another, “and accusing each other of reckless driving,” the report stated. The deputy documented the verbal argument and no further action was taken.

• March 17, 300 block of Tarpon Avenue, noise. A MSCO deputy responded to a noise complaint and made contact with the home’s occupants, who were on the back porch listening to music and talking loudly. The deputy informed the men of the city’s noise ordinance and issued a final warning. The occupant said he was not aware of the ordinance, but would comply.

• March 17, 100 S. Bay Blvd., theft. While fishing on the Anna Maria City Pier, a man reported he fell asleep. Upon waking, the angler discovered his three fishing poles and tackle had been stolen. The missing items were valued at $820.

    Anna Maria is policed by the MCSO.

Bradenton Beach

• March 13, 2600 Gulf Drive N., vehicle burglary. A complainant reported someone had entered his unlocked vehicle and ransacked his glove box. Papers from the glove box were scattered and $5 was missing.

• March 17, intersection of Gulf Drive and Cortez Road, domestic battery. A female complainant reported she and her boyfriend had argued over him leaving her in a vehicle “for several hours,” according to the report. As the vehicle arrived at the intersection, the complainant said her boyfriend exited, came around to the passenger’s side, opened the door, grabbed her by the arm and forced her to the ground. He then drove away, leaving her by the roadside. Police contacted the boyfriend, who said he was defending himself because she had been hitting him. Both parties asked to press charges.

• March 16, 403 Highland Ave., fraud. A female complainant arrived at the Bradenton Beach Police Department to report a credit card fraud. The woman said she was in possession of her card, but that it had been used to make a $2,000 shoe purchase. Police advised the woman to immediately cancel the card and they are investigating.

• March 14, 403 Highland Ave., theft. A male complainant arrived at BBPD to report a stolen bicycle. The Sun Beach Cruiser with black handle bars is valued at $80. The complainant said he saw other bicycle thefts reported in the local newspapers and wanted to report the theft in case anyone should see his bicycle.

• March 13, 2600 Gulf Drive N., vehicle burglary. A male complainant reported his vehicle was broken into, but he thought all that had been stolen was a pair of prescription glasses. He later received a call from his bank that a man had attempted to cash one of his checks for $700. When he was denied, the man fled, but left behind the ID. A similar description of the man was provided to police as someone who was walking through the beach parking lot, peering into vehicles. Police later made contact with the suspect, but witnesses were not immediately able to positively ID the man. The investigation continues.

Bradenton Beach is policed by the BBPD.


• No new reports.

    Cortez is policed by the MCSO

Holmes Beach

• March 13, 700 block Manatee Avenue, battery. Holmes Beach police responded to a road-rage incident where officers were advised by a complainant and two witnesses that they had been cut off in traffic by a driver in a white Sierra pickup. A verbal confrontation ensued, at which time the female suspect allegedly slapped the complainant before driving away. The witnesses had recorded the vehicle tag number and another officer located the suspect on the beach. The suspect denied the incident, but was charged with misdemeanor battery.

• March 13, 500 block of 65th Street, theft. Police made contact with a complainant who reported she sold a boat to a man she had advertised on The suspect met the complainant at her home, but the engine did not start. She then put a battery charger on it. They completed the transaction for the boat, but the buyer left with the battery charger.

• March 17, 200 block of 66th Street, domestic battery. Police responded to a man and his girlfriend who had questions about the woman’s son, and what they could do about his drug abuse. The mother overheard her son on the phone saying he was earning a lot of money by doing something illegal. After overhearing the conversation, the woman asked her boyfriend to take her out for a drink. The boyfriend stated she had three to four glasses of wine and, while driving home, she shifted the vehicle into park three times while it was moving. While attempting to stop her a fourth time, the boyfriend said she bit him on his right and left forearm. Police observed the bite marks and interviewed the girlfriend, who reported the boyfriend threw her to the ground upon arriving home. Police observed she was intoxicated, and had a large bump on her head. Police interviewed the boyfriend again. He said she had attempted to bite him again and he had pushed her away when she lost her balance and fell. Thus far, the female has been charged with misdemeanor domestic battery.

• March 14, 300 block of 60th Street, theft. A complainant came to HBPD to report an unlocked bicycle stolen from the beach access. The complainant valued the bicycle at $100 and provided a detailed description.

• March 17, 4000 Gulf Drive, Manatee Public Beach, larceny/theft. Police received multiple complaints of stolen property, including cell phones. A third complaint provided a description of two males seen stealing the complainant’s bag. The victims gave chase, but lost the suspects near 38th Street. With a description of the suspects and stolen property, police located the suspects and detained them for identification. The stolen property was recovered and it was determined that the two suspects were juveniles. They admitted to the crimes and were placed under arrest for larceny/theft.

Holmes Beach is policed by the HBPD.

        Streetlife is based on incident reports and narratives from the Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach police departments and Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.


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