Rental focus updates on April 10 HB agenda

Recommendations from Holmes Beach commissioners heading up various rental focus groups may be discussed at their Tuesday, April 10, work session.

        The work session is held immediately following the regular commission meeting that begins at 7 p.m.

        Prior to Tuesday’s discussion, Commissioners Jean Peelen and Pat Morton released their respective group’s recommendations.

        Commission Chair David Zaccagnino and others have recognized Peelen’s group, the building code focus group, as having the majority of the workload. This group has tackled issues of the city’s land-development code.

        Peelen summarized her group’s recommendations:

        • Keep most current building requirements — setbacks, height limits, etc.

        • Add floor/area ratio (FAR) requirements for the R-1 single family and R-2 duplex districts — with R-1 FAR at .35 and the R-2 FAR at .30.

        • Create a requirement for duplex houses joined underground to be separated by a minimum of 10 feet.

        • Increase the minimum size for a duplex lot from 8,712 square feet to 10,100 square feet.

        • Require pool setbacks 10 feet from the pool water to adjacent property lines.

        • Discourage demolition of ground-level houses, and encourage rehabs by allowing setback variances.

        A draft report from Morton’s focus group includes changes to current rental practices:

        • Boat trailer one spot, car one spot.

        • Designate rentals with stickers of different color for different period.

        • Boats need to be accepted/stored at rentals. Suggest city overflow parking for boats.

        • Designate parking spaces per bedrooms.

        • Establish fines – first offense, written warning; second, $200 fine; third, fine percentage of reservation and eviction.

        • Police can intervene without formal complaint if issues are clear, issue written warnings and call property managers.

        • Leasing agent responsible for fine.

        • Use of rental agent best practices, including minimum-age limit of occupants and renter.

        In addition to the rental issue, the work session agenda includes a 27th Street/Sandpiper update. The city commission gave the Sandpiper Resort Co-op two weeks to advise of its intentions regarding the city’s requested quitclaim of 30 feet of the 27th Street 50-foot right of way that divides Sandpiper from the city limits.

        Commissioners also will hold first readings of revisions to the city’s outdoor dining ordinance and a new ordinance related to Internet cafes.

One thought on “Rental focus updates on April 10 HB agenda

  1. Chrissy

    It seems that all the focus has been put on the few bad visitors to the island and not on the many good respectful families that visit the island year after year. We are a family with small children that have stayed on the island five times. The rental rates keep going up dramatically and are pricing us right off the island. It’s the greed for more money, more taxes, that is bringing in large groups to rent your houses. The families and retirees can’t afford them on their own anymore.


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