No new leads in missing paddleboarder

There are no leads in the search for paddleboarder Jeffrey Comer, 50, who went missing April 29 while paddleboarding in Gulf of Mexico waters off the shore of Fort De Soto Park in Pinellas County.

Comer’s paddleboard was found adrift by a boater near Holmes Beach, his wallet and keys tucked safely aboard the craft.

The board was discovered late April 29 and reported the following morning. Rescue agencies, including the U.S. Coast Guard, launched a search-and-rescue effort, but suspended the search later that day.

Police still have not ruled out any possibilities in the case, but with no new information or leads, have ceased providing updates. The last update provided on the missing man was April 30, the day the search began and ended.

The competitive paddleboarder was described as being fit, with no medical conditions, and his vehicle was discovered near Fort De Soto at Mullet Key where he set off into Gulf waters on his board. There was no evidence at the site of his vehicle of foul play.

While the waters off Fort De Soto Park are a popular spot for water enthusiasts, those same waters are said to be dangerous, known for high waves and strong currents.

Comer is described as 5-feet-8-inches tall, bald with blue eyes.

Anyone with information on the missing paddleboarder, is asked to call the Tampa Police Department at 813-354-6600 or dial 911.

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