Island police blotter – 06-13-2012

Anna Maria

    • June 6, Manatee Avenue/Village Green Parkway, DUI. A 36-year-old Anna Maria man was arrested for driving while intoxicated. According to a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office report, a deputy stopped David Williams, 306A N. Shore Drive, at approximately 1 a.m. when the deputy spotted Williams driving a vehicle without headlights. The report states that Williams repeatedly admitted he was “buzzed,” but not drunk. Williams allegedly failed enough of the field sobriety tests to warrant a probable cause for arrest. According to the report, Williams also refused to submit to a Breathalyzer test. Williams was booked into the Manatee County jail and scheduled for a July 9 arraignment.

    • May 28, 100 Spring Ave., found property. Two boats broke loose from their anchors and eventually washed onshore at the listed address. The boat owner was contacted and arrived to claim his property.

• May 26, 508 Spring Ave., disturbing the peace. A MCSO deputy responded to a noise complaint at Siam Garden Resort. Upon arriving, the deputy heard a large group talking at the pool. A man from the group told the deputy the city’s noise ordinance had not been related to them by the resort manager. The deputy explained the ordinance and the group moved inside.

• May 29, Gladiolus and North Shore Drive, petit theft. A woman reported someone stole her wallet while she was at the beach. Her grandson called the sheriff’s office because she did not speak English.

• May 20, 200 block of Lakeview Drive, burglary. A man reported someone stole a blue-and-white bicycle from his garage. According to the report, a second bike was laying in the driveway as though the suspect had attempted to steal it, as well. The second bike was secured for fingerprint processing.

• May 27, 100 Oak Ave., found person. Holmes Beach Police Department sent out a request to a MCSO deputy in regard to a missing 6-year-old boy. While beginning his search, the deputy received a call from a woman who had found a lost boy. The deputy reported the boy was thirsty, but otherwise in good health. HBPD arrived to return the boy to his parents.

• June 4, 200 block of Gladiolus Street, burglary. A MCSO deputy responded to a burglary call to find a side door to a garage had been pried open. The suspect apparently entered the resident’s vehicle and stole the garage door opener. Nothing else was reported missing.

Anna Maria is policed by the MCSO.

Bradenton Beach

    • May 24, 1700 Gulf Drive S., cruelty to animals. Bradenton Beach police are seeking the whereabouts of an 18-year-old Lakeland man for questioning in a felony cruelty to an animal case at Coquina Beach. Police say Christopher Fulbright was identified in a photo lineup by a lifeguard, who witnessed Fulbright catch, shake and then throw a seagull. Fulbright left the area before police arrived, but was identified by other beachgoers.

• June 1, 15th Street East and 51st Avenue, Bradenton, habitual traffic offender. A 30-year-old Bradenton Beach woman was arrested on a felony habitual traffic offender charge following a traffic accident in Bradenton. Erin Wright, 401 Gulf Drive, Bradenton Beach, was detained on $2,000 bond and, as of press time, remained in the Manatee County jail. A Florida Highway Patrol trooper responded to the accident where the other driver was cited for being at fault. However, when the trooper ran Wright’s name through the system, he discovered Wright was a habitual traffic offender, driving on a suspended license.

• May 23, 400 Gulf Drive S., resisting arrest. While on patrol, a Bradenton Beach police officer observed a male “wandering aimlessly,” according to the report. The officer made contact with the man, who refused to identify himself while becoming increasingly aggressive. The report states the man attempted to pull away from the officer. After placing the man in the patrol car, he began yelling and kicking at the door, and shouting insults at the officers. At that point, officers informed the man he was under arrest.

• June 3, 1100 Gulf Drive S., burglary to a vehicle. A family arrived to Cortez Beach and placed their wallets and cell phones in the trunk of their vehicle. Upon their return, the items were missing. Police investigated the incident and found no forced entry point.

• June 2, 1600 Gulf Drive, disturbance. A man and woman were attempting to get their boat on a trailer at the Coquina Beach boat ramp, while another male waited to use the ramp. The couple was having a difficult time and the man waiting became impatient, threatening to hit the other man in the head with a crowbar. The reporting couple stated the man did pull something black from his vehicle, and at one point approached them, but then left the area.

    Bradenton Beach is policed by the BBPD.


• May 29, 12044 Cortez Road W., motor vehicle theft. The complainant at Wood, Dock & Seawall reported someone stole a pontoon boat being stored on the property. The complainant told a MCSO deputy he had bought the boat years ago from a neighbor, but had never registered it because he had no intention of taking it on the water.

• June 5, 4400 block of 123rd Street, simple battery. A woman reported her husband had pushed her into a barbecue grill during an argument. The woman went inside the home with the intention of taking the couple’s young child and leaving. The report states the man physically picked her up, carried her out the door and put her down outside. She did not want to press charges, however police contacted the husband and arrested him on misdemeanor battery charges.

    Cortez is policed by the MCSO

Holmes Beach

    • June 3, 2900 block of Gulf Drive, domestic battery. A 24-year-old Bradenton Beach woman was arrested on misdemeanor domestic battery charges following an argument with her ex-boyfriend. According to the report, the man and woman were at the same party when an argument erupted over the man’s current girlfriend. The former girlfriend left the party. The man arrived home later to find a picture on the wall had been cut, a laptop and stereo had been tossed to the ground, a handmade sculpture had been broken, and a rifle hanging on the wall had been thrown to the ground. The man walked outside and saw his ex-girlfriend walking up the driveway, at which time she allegedly assaulted him by punching him, which resulted in a cut lip and a cut over his left eye. According to police, the woman admitted causing an estimated $1,900 in damages to the man’s property, who did not want to press charges for the burglary and criminal mischief. However, she was arrested on the misdemeanor domestic battery charge. Police say the man was intoxicated at the time of the attack.

• May 31, 600 block of Emerald Lane, theft. A man reported $1,200 stolen from his wallet while it was stored on his boat. The man told police his daughter had invited friends onto the boat for an excursion, and at some point the money went missing.

• June 1, 500 block of 42nd Street, missing adult. Vacationers reported an intoxicated friend had wandered away from where they were staying, and were concerned he would not be able to find his way back. According to the report, the man had been missing for four hours. An officer, as well as a MCSO deputy searched the area, but did not locate the missing man. The complainant was advised to call police if the man did not return by morning. The man’s friend said he was confident the missing man would show up, “when he was sober.”

• June 1, 200 block of Harbor Lane, suspicious person. Police received a call in regards to a man, who was seen peering into residences as he made his way toward the direction of Anna Maria Elementary School. Police searched the area and notified the school, which initiated a lockdown. After a search of the school grounds, no one was located and the lockdown was lifted.

• June 1, 200 block of Peacock, disturbance. A woman complainant called police following an argument with her husband. According to the report, the man became angry when his wife didn’t help him carry in luggage from a trip from which the couple just returned. The woman told police she was feeding the couple’s 1-month-old baby at the time. The man reportedly “swatted her on the buttocks.” At that point, she called police. She told police he gets angry all the time “for no good reason.” The husband had left the area before police arrived. She did not want to pursue charges, she said “he should be fine by the time he gets home.”

• June 2, 6005 Gulf Drive, alcohol. Police responded to a group drinking on the beach and throwing glass bottles into the water. Police made contact with a group of people, who were drinking, but denied throwing the bottles. They were advised the city does not allow alcohol on the beach, and the remainder of their alcohol was removed.

• June 3, 5424 Marina Drive, trespass warning. Three men attempted to buy alcohol at Jessie’s Island Store BP, but when they could not provide identification, the manager refused to sell the alcohol. The three men “stormed out” and used explicit language toward the manager and began “flipping her off” outside the store. Police were contacted and the three men were issued a trespass warning.

• June 3, 100 block of 68th Street, disturbance. A security guard at a nearby condominium called police to report an argument between a male and group of juveniles. The man was standing in a parking space, and the juveniles attempted to pull into the space. An argument ensued and, according to police, the man reported his family had just parked there, but had forgot ice. One family member left to get ice while he was saving the parking space. A 16-year-old juvenile told police the man said he was going to “put him a trash can.” The man reported it was the juveniles who were yelling at him. Two nearby property owners reported the man had stood on their property to get out of the sun and wanted police to issue a trespass warning.

• June 5, 4900 block of Gulf Drive, larceny. A woman reported she had arrived home from work in the morning and, when she awakened, her purse was missing. The complainant told police her daughter had a male overnight guest, who has a known drug problem. She reported $500 in cash and a Blackberry phone were in the purse when it was stolen.

• June 4, 7700 block of the beach, suspicious circumstances. Police responded to a call of a fire on the beach. Upon arrival, officers observed four suspects flee from the area. Officers remained on scene to extinguish the fire. A MCSO deputy contacted the officers to report a fire in the middle of the road on 73rd Street. Officers observed a pile of mulch on fire that had been soaked in lighter fluid. HBPD requested a MSCO K-9 unit, but law enforcement was unable to locate the suspects.

• June 3, 600 block of Key Royale Drive, theft. A woman reported leaving two fishing cast nets in a bucket at the end of her dock. In the morning they were gone. She valued the nets at $270.

• June 4, 200 block of 64th Street, burglary to a vehicle. A man reported $2,480 in cash had been stolen from his truck, which had been parked outside his rental house. The complainant told police he could not swear that he locked his vehicle, and there were no signs of forced entry. Police observed nothing out of the ordinary and nothing else was removed from the vehicle, including a loaded handgun. The man told police he had gone to pay rent on his unit the previous day, but the rental office was closed. He decided to leave the money in the center console, believing his vehicle to be safe.

Holmes Beach is policed by the HBPD.

        Streetlife is based on incident reports and narratives from the Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach police departments and Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

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