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Police seek information on burglary suspects

Holmes Beach police are asking for information from the public in identifying this man dressed in a woman’s wig. He is wanted in connection with a Holmes Beach vehicle burglary.

One of two suspects police would like to identify from a Holmes Beach vehicle burglary walks through Macy’s with the intention of using a stolen credit card taken from the burglary. The man was accompanied by a woman, who also attempted to use the stolen credit cards.

Holmes Beach police are seeking the identity of three suspects in connection to separate vehicle burglaries where checks and credit cards were stolen.

A Hispanic male was captured on video at a bank in Valrico, Fla., attempting to cash a stolen check by using a stolen driver’s license, and attempting to look like the victim.

The suspect donned a woman’s blonde wig in the Feb. 18 attempt. According to Holmes Beach Police Detective Sgt. Brian Hall, the Hispanic male is wanted in connection with a vehicle burglary where the man smashed out a window and stole a purse.

Police also are searching for a young man and woman who were captured on store video at an out-of-town Macy’s and Best Buy stores.

Hall said the stolen credit cards used by the couple were taken during a Holmes Beach vehicle burglary.

If you have information as to the identity of these suspects, you are asked to contact Hall at 941-708-5815 or e-mail

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