Access never denied

Overlooked in the ongoing printed concerns voiced over the Sandpiper Resort’s 27th Street gate is the fact that no Holmes Beach resident is now, nor has ever been denied access to that section of the street leading to Gulf Drive.

The sole purpose of the gate and accompanying sign is to serve as a reminder to those residents and their renters that the park is privately owned.

The how and why of the single incident of the gate appearing to be locked remains a mystery to all, especially since the gate was not truly locked.

The street went gateless for years, but the growing use by the public, golf carts, bicyclists and unknown pedestrians venturing into the park, as opposed to heading to Gulf Drive, has become a safety issue for our elderly residents.

Strangers trespass on our privately owned streets, sit on our privately owned benches and use our privately owned dock for fishing. Such activity is tantamount to you looking out a window and seeing a stranger trespassing through your yard.

I’m sure you, too, might find such activity intrusive and alarming. At the risk of being accused of making a personal attack, it should be noted that a Holmes Beach commissioner continues to be seen driving or walking through our private streets, and was recently observed wading down by our dock in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Debby.

The assertion at a recent Holmes Beach commission meeting, that absent a lawsuit, the situation could “conceivably lead to physical altercations needing police intervention,” brought a chuckle to our residents, most of whom would be blown over by a strong wind.

To our many Holmes Beach friends, you continue, as always, to be welcome at our waterfront gatherings.


Barbara A. McCormack

Sandpiper Resort

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