Fourth of July celebrations “Click here for more photos”

Many thanks to the BeachHouse, Mar Vista and Sandbar restaurants for the pyrotechnic entertainment the nights of July 2-4, and to the Anna Maria Island Privateers for the parade and party July 4. Islander Photos: Bonner Joy, Kimberly Kuizon, Karen Riley-Love and Annie Weir


































One thought on “Fourth of July celebrations “Click here for more photos”

  1. Matt White

    I can’t believe that there have not been any comments on the proliferation of illegal fireworks on the beach. It was out of control and totally unsafe. As great as the Sandbar’s display was the night was dominated by individuals blasting personal/illegal fireworks without regard for the safety of others around. My 10 year old nephew from Tampa nearly had his head taken off by a mortor sized cannon bomb shot off by some half drunk pyro. Supposedly the police were to be patrolling but we entered the beach at Park Ave and left at the Sandbar never once seeing police.
    Certainly not family friendly.


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