Island wedding, Privateer style


Angela Smallblock (her roller derby name) Steward and Jim Fritts of Texas are married Privateer-style at the June 29 outdoor party to benefit the Privateer Save-Our-Ship fund. Joining the Fritts are their children, Ivy, 8. Ray, 6 and Sky, 5. Privateer Roger Hoodat Murphree performed the ceremony.


The Privateers form an arch of sabers to finalize the Fritts’ nuptials.


Roger Hoodat Murphree and wife Debbie Murphree are longtime friends — more than 20 years — with the Fritts, and the reason the Fritts family came to Anna Maria Island for a pirate wedding.


The (cup) cake tasting for the Fritts’ wedding was somewhat less than traditional aboard the Skullywag, with kids, ship rats and a pirate toast.

Islander Photos: Bonner Joy

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