Stop-work order posted at builder’s home

Anna Maria building official Bob Welch posted a stop-work order at the home of Shawn and Jennifer Kaleta at 101 Willow Ave.

Welch said he ordered work stopped July 5, after observing work being done in excess of the permit he issued for the property. He allowed the roofing contractor to continue with some necessary repairs, which he said he will inspect this week.

While the order is for the Kaleta family home, Shawn Kaleta, a well-known builder/developer on the island, also has been active in the real estate market.

He recently purchased a vacation home at 9802 Gulf Drive and, he says, he plans to restore the cottage to its original condition for use as a retail/residential property. (See related story below.)

He also purchased a three-story house at 804 N. Shore Drive, that Welch cited last month, saying Kaleta had bedrooms on the ground-floor garage and storage level, which is prohibited.

Kaleta paid $1.1 million for that house in February and put it back on the market for $2.2 million after making improvements and adding a swimming pool.

Kaleta’s agent in that purchase indicated the selling price is based on the anticipated rental revenue the property will produce, approximately $250,000 per year.

Kaleta also last year purchased and renovated a single-family home — now a vacation rental — at 9405 Gulf Drive.

Kaleta gained notoriety in Holmes Beach last year when he either contracted to build or developed a number of large, multi-bedroom duplexes that drew the ire of some people at a city commission meeting.

Kaleta, however, has maintained that every construction project was built according to city codes.

“I am only building what I am allowed to build,” he said recently.

3 thoughts on “Stop-work order posted at builder’s home

  1. Mrsviper

    ..I believe a community committee should be formed to track this kind of violation. It could be on a volunteer basis, and shared information could be brought forth regarding this behavior. This will deter this kind of violation. The truth is brought forth, shared with the public. With the internet and information available to an individual this could be a very informative. And legal course can be implemented.

  2. John

    Just look at the web site for the rental on North Shore. It advertises an 8 bedroom that will sleep 20 people. If city officals want to be city officals, they must enforce the rules and regulations.

  3. Tom Mixon

    (This builder) may be the smartest man in the room since he gets his way regularly and manipulates the system , to the dismay of residents. It’s time our elected officials in Anna Maria looked at better ways to control this kind of slippery realtor/contractor, since more will follow. Frankly, promising rental income to investors that will pay for a home in 4-5 years is probably fraudulent; but by the time they (investors) figure it out, the entire city will be rentals….and more quick money in (investor) pocket.

    Check out the property at 804 North Shore: removed landscaping, never clearer construction debris, irrigation wiring hanging from home, etc,


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