Storm-damaged BB pier may close 4-6 months

Bradenton Beach city commissioners and staff say the Historic Bridge Street Pier may close until a proposed reconstruction project is completed. And the project is likely to take four-six months.

Tropical Storm Debby pummeled Anna Maria Island for three days beginning June 24 and wind and waves sent several boats slamming against the pier.

One boat, a 30-foot sailboat, slammed against the pier’s day dock, and the sustained battering of the pier damaged a concrete piling, forcing the closure.

Two weeks was the expected time line to have the piling temporarily repaired so the pier could open long enough for fishers to have access until the pier reconstruction project begins, with a still undetermined start date.

But now the pier may be closed until the reconstruction project is completed.

The Bradenton Beach city pier team met July 5 for an update on the extent of the damage.

Police Chief Sam Speciale, pier team facilitator, said more than a half dozen boats slammed into the pier during the storm. Three sunk below the pier.

“But the ones that didn’t sink did the most damage,” said Speciale. “The one big issue was the concrete piling at the beginning of the pier. It’s completely broken, so I needed an expert opinion on whether to close down the pier and what needed to be done to reopen it.”

Speciale enlisted the service of Charles Sago, the engineer of record who will spearhead the pier reconstruction project.

“The reinforcing steel was all corroded and the bearing weight might be 3 inches of concrete,” said Sago. “It would not withstand another storm, and if it goes, it could cause that portion of the pier next to the restaurant to collapse.”

The idea was to sling the piling, which Sago said would be enough reinforcement to open the pier to the public, but city staff were unclear on the cost of the repair.

Public works director Tom Woodard said he is waiting for a written cost estimate from two companies, but the ballpark figure is $5,000-$10,000 to fix the piling.

“Commissioners will have to decide whether to go forward with repairs,” said Speciale. “What I want to do is bring the bid to you and then ask: Do we spend upwards of $10,000 to fix the piling, plus the railings, or wait the four to six months to do the reconstruction and leave the pier closed until then?”

Mayor John Shaughnessy said he could not see spending that much money on a piling. “The only thing the pier is being used for is fishing,” he said. “I’m in favor of leaving it closed.”

Commissioner Gay Breuler agreed, saying it would be silly to spend that kind of money on something that is going to be ripped out in a few months.

“We already have all these extra expenses because of this storm,” she said. “I don’t think we should even spend $5,000. It doesn’t make sense.”

Commissioner Jan Vosburgh was concerned about Bridge Street businesses being impacted by leaving the pier and day dock closed, but Woodard said the day dock is a whole different story and would not reopen for some time anyway.

“Originally we were going to shorten the day dock because the beginning sections were fine,” he said. “They aren’t fine anymore. The day dock is not gone, but it needs major repairs. All of the sections are separated now.”

Speciale said the decision for now is to keep the pier closed, but move forward with getting estimates.

“We are going to get all of the information we can and get the commissioners as many options as we can,” said Speciale. “At that time, we can have a special meeting or bring the information to a commission meeting so you can make your decision.”


3 thoughts on “Storm-damaged BB pier may close 4-6 months

  1. Donette

    I’m pretty sure the businesses along bridge street will lose way more than the $3,200 estimate to temporarily repair the pier. I only patronize those businesses when I’m going to the pier. Otherwise its just toi hot to walk around down there without the respite of a swing under the pavillion. Did anyone approach the businesses to see if they wanted to chip in for repair ? I would even chip in $100 of my disability check to continue to be able to take my grandson in the pier. I’m sure you can find 31 more people to do the same. I had to cancel a planned outing with 20+ family and friends to the area because the pier was the focal point of the trip being the only safe place to fish with little ones where they could watch the fish cross the underwater light at the end and stay out in rainy weather under the pavilion.

  2. Rob Cupitt

    4 to 6 months seems a long time even for a complete rebuild. Bridge Street Pier is a wonderful place to spend a peaceful couple of hours and it’s repair or rebuild should be given the utmost priority.

    To many chiefs and not enough indians by the sound of it! Cut the crap and get on with it!

    1. Jeremy W

      Anna Maria Island is already short of fishing piers, and while this is not one of the best piers for fishing quality, it is the only pier on the island that offers shaded areas along the walkway AND a mid-level railing, making it safe for kids. Also, the location of this pier by the shops and turnabout would make it a great tourist destination (especially if the food quality and service at the restaurant on the pier would improve drastically).

      Wake up AMI. The comment by the mayor “The only thing the pier is being used for is fishing” is sad and disconnected from reality. The pier is used for fishing, but more times than not people are out there “visiting” and taking in AMI’s “experience”. Minus a walk on the pier people are just walking down very hot streets looking at primarily housing. A walk on the pier shows you the beach, the water, the marine life, and so much more.

      And please add MORE piers. When I was growing up there were piers at the public beach, and off the other beaches … bring them back!


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