BB moves forward with pier study

Bradenton Beach commissioners Aug. 2 approved an engineering study on the Historic Bridge Street Pier after the porposed contract with Sego & Sego Engineering stalled in mid-July over insurance concerns.

The contract approval opens the door to a reconstruction project. Building official Steve Gilbert said it would take about 30 days for the drawings to be submitted to the city and, in the meantime, the city also would move forward with preparing bid requests.

The contract stalled when city attorney Ricinda Perry said she was not comfortable with the city’s protection under the insurance clause of the contract, but those issues have been resolved.

There was some discussion from commissioners whether they were still comfortable with the contract, but Commissioner Gay Breuler said it was time to move forward.

“This is just for the engineering study not for the construction itself,” said Breuler. “It’s not that much of a burning issue that we should keep putting it off when we need to get the pier fixed.”

Breuler said she was comfortable if Perry was OK with the contract. The remaining commissioners ultimately agreed to approve the renegotiated contract.

The commissioners reached a consensus to proceed with Phases 1 and 2 of the Avenue A stormwater project.

Commissioners heard from several residents of Avenue A that previous work to alleviate flooding thus far has caused more standing water.

Residents said the swales that were constructed to drain water off the roadway have become ponds, creating a mosquito problem and is killing landscaping.

The engineer of record for the Avenue A project is Lynn Townsend-Burnett, who confirmed the residents’ complaints.

“The concerns being expressed are accurate,” said Townsend-Burnett. “When the first phase was completed during construction of Avenue A, there were some requests made on literally the last day of the graders being out there doing the repaving.”

Townsend-Burnett said those requests led to deeper than expected swales, “but the intent for this phase was to observe Avenue A during numerous storm events to see how it would perform. My apologies for the inconvenience and that it has taken as long as it has.”

Townsend-Burnett said the project was delayed due to budget constraints, but those issues have been resolved and the project is ready to move forward again.

“I am meeting the contractor on site next week,” she said.

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