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North Shore rental complies with Anna Maria code

By Rick Catlin, Islander Reporter

This vacation rental at 804 N. Shore Drive, Anna Maria, was cited by building official Bob Welch in June for having illegal ground-floor living space. Islander Photo: Rick Catlin

After a re-inspection of a vacation rental at 804 N. Shore Drive, Anna Maria, owned by developer Shawn Kaleta, building official Bob Welch was satisfied the use of the ground level complies with city code.

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, elevated homes built since 1974 cannot contain living space on the ground floor. The only allowed ground-floor uses are parking, storage and access.

In June, Welch observed through some windows what he believed to be ground-floor bedrooms while on a routine inspection of swimming pool construction.

Welch sent Kaleta a notice informing him the ground-level appeared to be occupied as living space, and gave Kaleta 30 days to bring the home into compliance.

Kaleta said at that time that Welch was mistaken and there was no living space on the ground floor.

Welch said on his re-inspection, he found only storage and parking space on the ground floor. He also noted Kaleta had withdrawn a permit application for an air-conditioning unit for the ground floor.

“Everything appears to meet the code,” Welch said.

The property was advertised as a four-bedroom, single-family home for $1.1 million when Kaleta purchased it in February.

The house is now listed on the website as an eight-bedroom vacation home for $2.2 million.

In examining the original architectural drawings for the home, Welch determined the house was built with four bedrooms, a study, nursery and den. The ground level was indicated as a garage with two storage rooms.

Welch said the upper two levels may have been redesigned to allow eight bedrooms, but the city has no code governing the number of bedrooms for a single-family home.

City commissioners are now discussing how they can limit the number of people allowed at a vacation rental.

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