Cocaine found after fight at Ducks tavern

Two men and a woman, all from Bradenton, were arrested Sept. 5 on misdemeanor battery charges after fighting in the parking lot of D.Coy Ducks Tavern, 5410 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach.

Troy Lantz, 41, of 4707 Coral Blvd., Bradenton, also faces a charge of felony possession of cocaine.

Lantz, a 45-year-old man and a 44-year-old woman engaged two other men and a woman in a verbal argument while at the bar, according to the probable cause affidavit.

A bystander alleged he punched one victim in an attempt to break up the argument. The female victim took out her cell phone to call 911, at which time the bystander’s wife is alleged to have hit her, knocking the phone to the ground and bruising the victim’s temple.

Lantz then apparently grabbed the phone and put it in his pocket. Holmes Beach Police Department officers arrived and ordered Lantz to return the woman’s phone.

As he pulled the phone out of his pocket, a bag of white powder, stuck to the back of the phone, fell out. Police measured the powder at 2.4 grams and the substance field-tested positive for cocaine.

The man and woman bystanders involved in the fight were arrested on misdemeanor battery charges.

Lantz faces charges of misdemeanor battery and felony possession of a controlled substance. He was held on a total of $1,750 bond.

All three suspects were scheduled to be arraigned at 9 a.m. Oct. 5.

4 thoughts on “Cocaine found after fight at Ducks tavern

  1. Mrsviper

    A change for Decoy Ducks would be in the towns best interest. Owners should clean the place up, get decent entertainment, and charge a small entrance fee to keep the trouble makes away. Just sayin

  2. alan janssens

    I have to say, I used to enjoy the live music at ”Ducks”, and meeting tourists from all over creation in years past, but now, it is not a place I would take a ”Lady”, on a night out.

  3. Mermaiden

    Used to be one of the best places on the island. Now, it is dark, with dull, lifeless, soul-sucking drunks just sitting at the bar cussing. WHAT A LOSS.

  4. Kenneth Whipker, Sheriff (Ret.)

    Based upon my one and only visit to this fine establisment I believe it is time for the SO to invesitigate what type of “business transactions” happen there. I observed drug transactions occuring openly during my visit. Not the type of business operations that is needed on the Island.


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