HB man arrested for probation violation

Donald Schofield, 84, 618 Gladstone Lane, Holmes Beach was arrested Sept. 13 for violating his probation/community control terms.

Schofield was arrested in December 2010 for felony domestic battery. After several successful continuances filed on his behalf, Schofield was found guilty in March 2012. He was sentenced to two years of community control followed by three years of probation.

As part of his sentencing, Schofield is required to attend 29 consecutive weeks in the Batterer’s Intervention Program. Until he completes the program, his probation conditions require that he not have any face-to-face contact with the victim.

On Sept. 9, Schofield’s probation officer signed an arrest warrant stating Schofield admitted he had met with the victim at a Bradenton address without the presence of a court-approved third party, as required.

In 2010, police responded to the Holmes Beach home of Schofield to find him in a physical altercation with a woman. According to the probable cause affidavit, Schofield struck the victim several times in the face.

She broke loose and tried to call 911, at which time Schofield grabbed her, ripped the phone from her hands and twisted an arm behind her back. Schofield then put his hands over the woman’s mouth, apparently to prevent her from shouting for help.

Police arrived and Schofield attempted to flee the scene in his vehicle, but was apprehended.

As of press time, Schofield remains in custody without bond and a court hearing has not yet been scheduled.

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