Holmes Beach commissioners dive into pool, parking changes

Holmes Beach City commissioners voted unanimously Oct. 9 to approve the first reading of amendments to the land development code affecting residential districts — one relating to pools and another on parking.

Commissioners decided to implement the rules Nov. 1 — but the measure still needs to be approved on final reading, which is expected Oct. 23.

The proposed LDC changes include establishing 5-foot setbacks for new swimming pools, decks and ancillary structures where an 18-inch separation is now required, and a requirement for one parking space for each bedroom in residential dwellings, as is currently the rule for resort housing.

The pool-related amendment also would establish a 6-foot height restriction on slides and other pool equipment and add a requirement to install sound-baffling enclosures on pool motors adjacent to residential properties.

Commissioners also discussed the construction of pools in relation to corner lots, and determined the current code allows such construction.

Related to new and existing home construction, city attorney Patricia Petruff brought to commissioners the planning commission recommendation related to parking places for homes with three or more sleeping rooms.

“You’re best to grandfather existing units,” she said about the residential parking requirements. “And then for any new construction after a date you pick, all dwelling units will have at least two spaces.”

Petruff said for three or more bedrooms or rooms suitable for sleeping purposes, there would need to be an additional parking space to the two already required.

The planning commission also recommended inserting a minimum size 9 by 18 feet parking space. Petruff said this limitation is existing law found in another part of the code.

Mayor Rich Bohnenberger asked whether the language would invalidate a 20 percent or less parking requirement in some areas. Petruff said she’d look into it, but believed that to be a commercial zoning exception.

In another first reading, the commission voted unanimously to amend its code of ordinances to allow for an alternate voting member on the planning commission.

Commission Chair David Zaccagnino had suggested adding a planning commission alternate Aug. 28 after a 3-2 vote that chose Scott Rudacille to fill the vacancy of the late Mike Snyder from among a field of three.

A unanimous vote approved Barbara Hines as an alternate, pending legal review, with the stipulation the alternate be expected to regularly attend meetings.

Zaccagnino said, provided the second reading passes Oct. 23, it will be up to Hines if she wants to accept and attend meetings as a non-voting alternate.

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