Morris death to be featured on Dr. Phil show

Dr. Phil McGraw will devote two episodes of the Dr. Phil show to the ongoing debate of how Sheena Morris, 22, died that fateful 2009 New Year’s Day, in Bradenton Beach.

According to, the two episodes will air Oct. 25-26.

Kelly Osborn, Sheena’s mother, is a featured guest on the show. Osborn has publicly maintained that her daughter was murdered, although the case was initially ruled a suicide, but changed to undetermined in 2011.

Osborn has long suspected that Sheena’s boyfriend Joe Genoese, 48, is responsible for her daughter’s death.

Genoese has maintained his innocence, and has never been named a suspect in the case.

He has agreed to take a polygraph for the Dr. Phil show to clear his name. The results of the polygraph will be revealed in the Oct. 26 episode on CBS.

In a promotion of the show Dr. Phil asks how Genoese’s story differs from Osborn’s, who has spent the last few years trying to have her daughter’s case reinvestigated.

She was recently partly successful in her endeavor as the Bradenton Beach Police Department has administratively reopened Morris’s case in the wake of a Florida Department of Law Enforcement Smart Panel review of the case.

FDLE recommended that BBPD follow up on the family’s concerns.

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