Anna Maria election Nov. 15

While the nation and Island cities held elections Nov. 6, Anna Maria’s elections won’t be until the city commission’s organizational meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 15.

The delay is because no one qualified to run for mayor.

The city charter says a new commission meets as soon as possible following the November elections and is sworn into office. The commission then elects a commission chair, who also is the vice mayor.

In Anna Maria’s case, there is no mayor, so the commission chair-vice mayor assumes the role of mayor, according to the charter.

That then leaves a vacancy on the commission that commissioners must fill.

Three people have filled out applications for the vacancy: Former Commissioners Gene Aubry and Tom Aposporos and planning and zoning board member Carl Pearman.

The vacant seat must be filled by a majority vote of the four remaining commissioners.

Once a fifth commissioner is appointed and sworn, the now-five member commission elects a new commission chair and vice chair.

Incumbent Commissioner Chuck Webb and Commissioner-elect Nancy Yetter have both said they have other duties that prevent them from becoming mayor.

Commissioners John Quam and Dale Woodland also have said they do not want to serve as mayor.

That leaves Commissioner SueLynn, who was mayor from 2002-06. She said she would accept elect as commission chair, and thus become the mayor, because there’s no one else left.

“And I have the experience. I’d love to remain a commissioner, but I will accept the position if elected,” she said.

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