Bradenton Beach to discuss tightening noise ordinance

While Bradenton Beach Mayor John Shaughnessy admitted he had promised a review of the city’s noise ordinance in August, he also noted that the land-development code revisions were on a deadline.

LDC revisions were required to be completed and submitted to the state by Oct. 31 in order to come into compliance with the comprehensive plan.

At a Nov. 1 commission meeting, commissioners received a little help from Tjet Martin, co-owner of the Linger Longer Resort, who has been pushing for a new noise ordinance.

The letter consisted of a number of other ordinances around the state that have been challenged in courts in order to provide commissioners with a list of ideas that may or may not work in Bradenton Beach.

Shaughnessy said he is anxious to begin work on the ordinance, “but we are not quite done with the LDC and the building official and police chief also need to be involved. We are going to keep it under old business and as soon as these other things are done, we are going to do it.”

Commissioner Ric Gatehouse thanked Martin, who was in attendance, for providing a wealth of background information.

“I want to thank you for this email,” he said. “It lists and addresses some of the problems of those other ordinances. I appreciate you doing the background work. When we get to this, we want to craft an ordinance that is fair, enforceable and can withstand any challenges.”

In other city matters, commissioners agreed 4-0 to approve a letter of no objection for a planned development project for five lots in the 2500 block of Gulf Drive North.

City planner Alan Garrett said the plots are zoned Residential-3 and the developer could build duplexes, but instead wants to build five single-family homes.

Commissioner Gay Breuler asked Garrett to define a single-family home under Bradenton Beach codes.

“There are four aspects to a single-family home,” said Garrett. “Living, sleeping, cooking and sanitation. The key is cooking. You can only have one kitchen area.”

Hinting at the ongoing rental issues in Holmes Beach and Anna Maria, Breuler asked if there was anything on the Bradenton Beach books regarding the number of bedrooms that can exist in a single-family home.

“No,” said Garrett. “I understand the concern. If we have plans that show a den and a library, the ability to go back and put beds in there is very difficult for us to do anything about.”

Gatehouse motioned to draft the required letter of no objection for the development proposal to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, which passed 4-0.

Commissioners also voted 4-0 to approve special event applications for the Dec. 15 Christmas on Bridge Street event and the Dec. 15 Save the Sleigh benefit for the Anna Maria Island Privateers at the Drift In.

Special event applications also were approved for the seventh annual Winterfest Arts and Craft Show Jan. 12-13 and the 17th annual Coquina Tides Arts and Craft Show March 2-3. Both events are at Coquina Beach to benefit the Wildlife Rehab & Education Center.

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