Challengers sweep Holmes Beach, countywide results….

At 7 p.m. Nov. 6, the 2012 general election came to an end. After weeks and months of ads, political rallies, fundraisers and local candidates knocking on doors to get their messages to the voters, the results and the races have been decided.

In what many saw as a close and sometimes heated political race in the nonpartisan battle for seats on the Holmes Beach dais, as well as who will lead the city as mayor, the election had surprising results.

Election results are not finalized until the state canvassing board signs off on the election, but the unofficial results from 113 of Manatee County’s 113 precincts are as follows:

In the mayoral race, it was Carmel Monti defeating incumbent Rich Bohnenberger with a margin of victory totaling 1,318 to 1,102 votes.

The race for two Holmes Beach commission seats up for grabs saw challengers Judy Holmes Titsworth and Marvin Grossman in a bid to unseat incumbent Commissioners Sandy Haas-Martens and John Monetti.

The two candidates with the highest vote totals would win the day. Titsworth secured a seat with the largest number of votes at 1,628. Also securing a seat on the dais was Grossman with 1,142 votes. The two challengers were successful in ousting both incumbents.

Monetti received 862 votes, while Haas-Martens rounded out the the losing bid with 832 votes.

Titsworth, Grossman and Monti will be sworn into office at HB city hall at 9 a.m. Monday, Nov. 19, although they were bound to abide the Florida Governmen-in-the-Sunshine Laws the evening of Nov. 6, when the election was certified by the supervisor of elections.

Bradenton Beach Commissioners Jan Vosburgh and Ed Straight were unopposed and retain their seats. Anna Maria Commissioner Chuck Webb also was unopposed in securing another term on the dais. Nancy Yetter was the sole candidate to qualify for the second open Anna Maria seat during the primary election and wins her seat by default.

Vosburgh and Straight will be sworn into their second terms Monday, Nov. 12. Webb and Yetter will be sworn into office Nov. 15.

Manatee County Commission District 7
Vying for the Manatee County Commission District 7 at-large seat was Betsy Benac, who all but secured the victory when she defeated longtime incumbent Joe McClash in the Aug. 14 primary. She advanced to the Nov. 6 election to face write-in candidate Thomas Dell. Benac secured the victory with 110,689 votes to the write-in’s 5,937.
Bradenton Beach’s John Chappie was unopposed for the District 2 county commission seat.

Manatee County School Board District 2
The nonpartisan Manatee County School Board District 2 race has been the tightest of all races since the Aug. 14 primary election.
Dave “Watchdog” Miner, a member of the Anna Maria Island Kiwanis Club received the largest percentage of votes in the primary, but Robert Moates was close behind, forcing a runoff in the Nov. 6 general election.
The general election was not as close with Miner winning the final tally with 83,360 votes compared to Moates’ 48,375.

West Manatee Fire District
There were three seats up for grabs in the West Manatee Fire District in Districts 1, 4 and 5. All three candidates were unopposed Nov. 6. They include Larry Jennis for District 1, David Bishop for District 4 and Randy Cooper for District 5.

Elected during the primary election
Two elections were decided during the Aug. 14 primary election.
Incumbent Republican Manatee County Sheriff Brad Steube defeated William Waldron. No Democrat entered the race, making the primary election the deciding day in the sheriff’s race.
It was the same scenario in the Manatee County School Board District 4 race, which includes Anna Maria Elementary School. Republican Bob Gause defeated Linda Schaich to seal the election win.

Contested election results by island precinct:
Holmes Beach Mayor
• Precinct 92, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 6608 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach.
Carmel Monti: 666
Rich Bohnenberger: 532
• Precinct 93
Carmel Monti: 652
Rich Bohnenberger: 570
Holmes Beach Commission
• Precinct 92
John Monetti: 433
Judy Holmes Titsworth: 801
Marvin Grossman: 580
Sandy Haas-Martens: 414
• Precinct 93, St. Bernard Catholic Church, 248 S. Harbor Drive, Holmes Beach.
John Monetti: 429
Judy Holmes Titsworth: 827
Marvin Grossman: 562
Sandy Haas-Martens: 418

Manatee County County Commission District 7
• Precinct 91, Roser Memorial Community Church, 512 Pine Ave., Anna Maria.
Betsy Benac: 687
Write-in: 36
• Precinct 92, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 6608 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach.
Betsy Benac: 929
Write-in: 56
• Precinct 93, St. Bernard Catholic Church, 248 S. Harbor Drive, Holmes Beach.
Betsy Benac: 878
Write-in: 57
• Precinct 94, Tingley Memorial Library, 6200 Second St. N., Bradenton Beach.
Betsy Benac: 459
Write-in: 22

Manatee County School Board District 2
• Precinct 91, Roser Memorial Community Church, 512 Pine Ave., Anna Maria.
Dave Miner: 633
Robert Moates: 278
• Precinct 92, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 6608 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach.
Dave Miner: 752
Robert Moates: 361
• Precinct 93, St. Bernard Catholic Church, 248 S. Harbor Drive, Holmes Beach.
Dave Miner: 777
Robert Moates: 362
• Precinct 94, Tingley Memorial Library, 6200 Second St. N., Bradenton Beach.
Dave Miner: 408
Robert Moates: 166

Registered voter numbers
According to the supervisor of elections office, as of Oct. 25, there are 210,261 registered voters in Manatee County.
Republicans make up the majority of registered county voters with 90,192. There are 68,353 registered Democrats and third-party voters have a representation of 51,716.
Republicans also outnumber Democrats on Anna Maria Island.
In the city of Anna Maria, there are 1,313 registered voters with 616 registered Republicans. There are 389 registered Democrats with 86 voters representing third parties.
Bradenton Beach has 930 registered voters, 376 registered Republicans, 291 registered Democrats and a third-party representation of 62.
Holmes Beach boasts the largest voting contingency on the island with 3,291 registered voters. There are 1,521 Republicans, 935 Democrats and 242 voters registered to third parties.
Early voting in Manatee County consisted of 16,343 votes cast.

2012 General Election

Unofficial Results

Results Includes: All Absentees, Early Votes

Precincts Reporting 113 out of 113

President/Vice President
US Senate
Connie Mack70,596(47.23%)
Bill Nelson73,753(49.34%)
Bill Gaylor3,252(2.175%)
Chris Borgia1,677(1.121%)
Rep in Congress Dist 16
Vern Buchanan81,012(54.98%)
Keith Fitzgerald66,322(45.01%)
Rep in Congress Dist 17
Tom Rooney1,480(71.49%)
William Bronson586(28.30%)
State Attorney
Ed Brodsky82,534(56.68%)
John Torraco63,076(43.31%)
State Senator Dist 26
Bill Galvano83,493(61.18%)
Paula House52,965(38.81%)
State Representative Dist 71
Jim Boyd35,017(57.11%)
Adam Tebrugge26,291(42.88%)
State Representative Dist 73
Greg Steube51,310(73.70%)
Bob (Doc) McCann18,301(26.29%)
Clerk of Circuit Court
R B Chips Shore120,089(97.24%)
County Commission Dist 1
Larry Bustle19,769(61.76%)
Corie Holmes12,239(38.23%)
County Commission Dist 5
Vanessa Baugh23,525(64.87%)
James T. Golden12,736(35.12%)
County Commission Dist 7
Betsy Benac110,689(94.90%)
Supervisor of Elections
Michael S. Bennett81,857(57.16%)
Charles N Williams59,365(41.45%)
School Board Dist 2
Dave Watchdog Miner83,360(63.27%)
Robert Moates48,375(36.72%)
Supreme Court Justice – Lewis
Supreme Court Justice – Pariente
Supreme Court Justice – Quince
District Court of Appeal – Black
District Court of Appeal – Casanueva
District Court of Appeal – Davis
District Court of Appeal – LaRose
Cedar Hammock Fire Dist Seat 5
Stephen Litschauer11,563(74.86%)
Emil Plichta3,883(25.13%)
East Manatee Fire Dist Seat 4
James D. Bon Ami15,916(66.33%)
Alison B. Center8,078(33.66%)
North River Fire Dist Seat 6
Bebo W. Smith8,493(42.01%)
Scott R. Smith11,720(57.98%)
Parrish Fire Dist – Seat 1
David Agee3,279(60.78%)
Sawyer Ramsey2,115(39.21%)
Parrish Fire Dist – Seat 2
Edward G. Chitty3,575(66.80%)
Caleb J. Hynson1,776(33.19%)
Southern Manatee Fire Dist – Seat 2
Daniel J. Center9,477(45.89%)
John R. Howell5,799(28.08%)
Robert A. Kulchar Jr5,374(26.02%)
Southern Manatee Fire Dist – Seat 4
John J. Barry III8,199(39.40%)
James J Cena12,607(60.59%)
Greyhawk Landing CDD – Seat 2
John A. DiPalma526(52.02%)
Michael P. Plaia485(47.97%)
Heritage Harbour South CDD – Seat 1
Richard D. Lane617(57.23%)
Philip Martinetti461(42.76%)
Heritage Harbour South CDD – Seat 2
Barbara B. Aulenbach417(38.32%)
Michelle Patterson671(61.67%)
Lakewood Ranch CDD2 – Seat 1
Michael L. Finney1,099(75.11%)
Jerry M. Twiggs364(24.88%)
Lakewood Ranch CDD5 – Seat 4
Thomas Leavey553(53.53%)
Edward Richardson480(46.46%)
Tara CDD – Seat 4
Darby Connor391(42.96%)
Michael C. Dyer519(57.03%)
Waterlefe CDD – Seat 2
Mark Kalish408(64.86%)
Richard G. Donoghue221(35.13%)
Waterlefe CDD – Seat 4
Gary J. Corson254(43.19%)
Christopher P. Hogan334(56.80%)
City of Bradenton – Mayor
Marianne Barnebey5,414(28.06%)
Richard O’Brien6,291(32.61%)
Wayne H. Poston7,586(39.32%)
City of Bradenton Ward 2
Gene Brown9,700(55.99%)
George Mendez4,955(28.60%)
Binnie N. Williams2,669(15.40%)
City of Holmes Beach – Mayor
Rich Bohnenberger1,102(45.53%)
Carmel Monti1,318(54.46%)
City of Holmes Beach – Commission
Marvin Grossman1,142(25.58%)
Sandy Haas-Martens832(18.63%)
John A. Monetti862(19.31%)
Judy H Titsworth1,628(36.46%)
City of Palmetto Commission – Ward 1
Carolyn L. Higdon322(38.15%)
Charles B. Smith522(61.84%)
City of Palmetto At Lrg Seat 1
Jonathan L. Davis2,244(54.13%)
Eric F. Gilbert1,901(45.86%)
Amendment #1
Amendment #2
Amendment #3
Amendment #4
Amendment #5
Amendment #6
Amendment #8
Amendment #9
Amendment #10
Amendment #11
Amendment #12
LBK Referendum #1
LBK Referendum #2

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