Obama wins AME kids’ vote

The vote of our future electorate is in: Anna Maria Elementary School elected President Barack Obama to a second term at the top spot in the nation.

        In a schoolwide election put on by Lynne McDonough of the AME media center, President Obama garnered 139 votes to challenger Mitt Romney’s 114.

        “It will be so interesting to see if these numbers follow the adult vote on Tuesday,” said AME guidance counselor Cindi Harrison in an email.

        “We had a great time and it was an important lesson in responsibility for our kids,” she said.

        According to Harrison, Hurricane Sandy caused delays in tallying final figures from participating schools in the nationwide eWeeklyStudies mock election.

        As of Nov. 2, she said 1,044,238 students had voted.

        The mock national popular vote was 615,916 for Obama and 428,322 for Romney. Obama also won the electoral vote, 483 to 55 for Romney.

        Obama took 57 percent of the vote in Manatee County and 65 percent statewide.

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