Readers tapped to vote ‘best of the best’

The Islander newspaper announces the “best of the best” awards for Anna Maria Island: “The Islander Star, Best of AMI Award.”

Voting will be available only to those readers who receive home delivery on Anna Maria Island, postal subscribers and registered online subscribers.

Web voting by subscribers will be limited to registered web subscribers with only one vote allowed per IP address. Ballots will not be provided in bulk quantities to any source in order to provide the most credible preference contest, with secret balloting and accountability by an outside agency.

Publisher Bonner Joy said the paper waited 20 years to provide awards that the Island business community could pride itself on, that readers would be excited to participate in, and that ended with reliable results not skewed by bulk entries, advertising dollars spent or solicited, or questionable balloting.

The awards will be announced at a red carpet event in late January 2013.

Event tickets will be limited to finalists, and winners will be announced in a special section that will include photographs of the winners featured at the red carpet event.

Balloting begins in the Nov. 14 print edition of The Islander.

For more information on the Best of AMI, call 941-778-7978 or email

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