Restitution judgment entered for Connelly

A final judgment of restitution of $387,191 has been entered against ex-Key Royale Club bookkeeper Holly Connelly.

    She was sentenced July 27 to three years in state prison and 25 years of probation by 12th Circuit Court Judge Thomas Krug for scheming to defraud her former employer.

    Connelly is serving time in Lowell Correctional Institution in Ocala, and has a release date of May 16, 2015, which may be adjusted for “gain time,” Florida Department of Corrections protocol to promote good behavior.

    Last month, the assistant state attorney and Connelly’s public defender, Jennifer Fury, stipulated to the $387,191 restitution, and Krug entered the final judgment, adding the legal rate of interest.

    Krug previously ordered the attorneys for the state and Connelly to confer on the restitution number and come to an agreement, or face a restitution hearing.

    The SAO indicated Connelly would be required to begin making restitution when she is released from prison.

    Assistant state attorney Anthony DaFonseca said club members were consulted on the restitution number.

    The number was a product of conversations with the KRC president, someone from the club’s insurance claims department and the defense, he said, adding that while the club’s insurance paid a large amount of the club’s loss, KRC still had to pay a deductible.

    Connelly was arrested by the Holmes Beach Police Department in June 2011 after the department investigated reports from the Key Royale Club about irregularities in the club’s finances.

    According to HBPD reports, Connelly wrote some 370 checks to herself from the Key Royale Club account between June 2008 and April 2011, embezzling $10,000 a month.

        At the sentencing hearing, Krug estimated Connelly was responsible for $387,000-$487,000 in improper transactions during her KRC employment.

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