SueLynn again is Anna Maria mayor

SueLynn was returned to the post of Anna Maria mayor at a Nov. 15 organizational meeting — a position she held from 2002-2006.

Commissioners, however, were divided 2-2 on a person to take her commission seat on the dais.

No one ran for mayor in the 2012 election, thus, the city charter states that the commission chair becomes mayor in the absence of the mayor.

Other commissioners said they did not have enough time to devote to being mayor, but SueLynn stepped up and said she would accept the commission chair nomination and thus become mayor again.

She was unanimously voted in as commission chair, then sworn in as mayor, taking the gavel from departing Mayor Mike Selby.

SueLynn said, “I’ve done this once before, but now I’m going to need all your support. I can’t be in here all day every day. I will need support of staff and commissioners.”

She then thanked Selby for his two years in office and for bringing peace to a city that had been divided on several critical issues.

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