Federal agents seize HB resident’s boat, cars

    Federal Bureau of Investigation agents seized two high-end sports cars and a luxury boat from 5311 Sunrise Lane, Unit B, Holmes Beach, just before sunset Nov. 30. The boat was taken to the city’s Kingfish Boat Ramp, where FBI agents removed it to a trailer.

    The seizure stems from an FBI investigation and criminal complaint filed Oct. 3 in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Michigan, against Holmes Beach resident Jason Syrek, according to public information officer Gina Balaya with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Detroit.

    According to Florida and Manatee County records, Syrek was registered agent of the AMI Beach Inn LLC at the Sunrise Lane address. The LLC purchased the property in March 2011.

    Suzanne Burrow is listed as the manager of the LLC, according to the Florida Secretary of State. Syrek and Burrow also purchased Unit 5 of the Mainsail Beach Inn at 101 66th St., Holmes Beach, in February 2010.

    They apparently reside at the Sunrise Lane property and use the Beach Inn property as a mailing address.

    Based on the affidavit of an FBI special agent, the complaint alleges that between May 2008 and December 2010, Syrek engaged in health care fraud while operating a human resource outsourcing business, CAS Resources of Adrian, Mich.

    Syrek, his attorney and assistant U.S. Attorney Linda Aouate agreed Oct. 23 to a pre-indictment protective order to preserve the two waterfront properties, the boat, two cars and 645 Richlyn Drive, Unit 123, Adrian, Mich., a 2010 Ford Escape and a 2010 Lincoln MKX. U.S. Magistrate Judge David R. Grand also signed the protective order.

    According to the complaint, the health care scheme began while Syrek was jailed at Morgantown Federal Correctional Facility in West Virginia for bank fraud.

    Syrek was serving 13 months for more than $800,000 in 83 improper credits involving a Syrek-controlled employee services company, One Source Management of Maumee, Ohio, according to an April 17, 2007, article in the Toledo Blade. He also reportedly repaid the client.

    According to the Manatee County clerk’s office, in August 2011, an Internal Revenue Service notice of $11,030,158 in federal tax liens was recorded against Jason R. Syrek.

    In March 2012, another IRS notice of $5,831,664 in tax liens was recorded against AMI Beach Inn LLC as nominee, fraudulent conveyee and/or alter ego of CAS Resources Inc.

    In the most recent scheme, according to the complaint in U.S. District Court, Syrek, through his ex-wife, Kristie Kneuve, allegedly submitted a group enrollment form to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan in 2008 to secure group coverage for 10 employees of CAS, including Syrek, Kneuve and eight fictitious employees, and also added company clients’ employees.

    CAS collected $1.75 million in premiums from client companies in November and December 2010, an amount due to BCBSM, but never paid by Syrek, according to the complaint.

    Also according to the complaint, Syrek admitted to fabricating data to qualify for a policy he sold to his client companies and taking the premiums for personal use, including the purchase of beachfront properties, cars, a boat and millions of dollars worth of other investments.

    Balaya said a 1 p.m. Jan. 4 preliminary examination/ probable cause hearing is set in the criminal case against Syrek in U.S. District Court in Detroit.

    Not only has Jason Syrek’s property on Sunrise Lanebeen the subject of a recent federal protective order, its history is checkered with state and local regulatory and enforcement issues.

    The property was the subject of warning letters in February — one to Syrek, and another to Unit A’s owner, although Unit A is yet unbuilt — from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for improper spacing between the property’s two docks.

    The DEP was expected to pursue a dock setback violation, however, a question arose as to whether the Residential-1/single-family property, which has been divided into two condominium units, is one or two lots.

    DEP spokeswoman Ana Gibbs said last week she had expected a closure letter, which would resolve the case, but was unsure how the matter will end if Syrek no longer owns the property.

    Sunrise Lane neighbor Judy Holmes Titsworth, now a Holmes Beach commissioner, raised red flags about developers using condominium ownership to skirt local laws and expand residential-zoned properties to more than one house and docks with reduced setbacks.

    Holmes Beach city attorney Patricia Petruff agreed.

    “The placement of a condominium form of ownership over a piece of property does not change the underlying zoning status or regulatory jurisdiction over the property,” Petruff wrote the DEP.

    Petruff also noted the “parcel width is too small to allow to be legally subdivided into two.”

        Nonetheless, last week a foundation was dug for the south unit, Unit A, with a notice of commencement filed Sept. 24 by Agnelli Pools & Construction LLC.

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4 thoughts on “Federal agents seize HB resident’s boat, cars

  1. Heisenberg

    Employees and associates of CAS and Direct HR reopen under a new company name, AYS Employee Leasing of Vero Beach, FL.

    You can find out more about how Jason Syrek of CAS Resources, Suzanne Burrow of Direct HR Services and their underlings, Andrew Segel and Michael Sepesy, were raided by the FBI in 2012 with a quick web search so you can learn more about the kind of people that run AYS.


    Same people. Different branding.

  2. Anonymous

    If Suzanne Burrow is truly separate from Jason Syrek, how is it that Jason Syrek’s old website, casresources.com, is not only still active but links to Suzanne Burrow’s new website, directhrservices.com?

    Also, Suzanne Burrow and Jason Syrek continued to do business as CAS Resources long after that entity became defunct on 09/24/2010.

    And why would Suzanne Burrow allow Jason Syrek to continue working at her payroll, workers comp, HR solutions firm, Direct HR Services, as late as November 2013 given Jason Syrek’s past legal problems and more recent legal issues, which started last year after FBI seizures took place at their Holmes Beach, FL property… Especially given how sensitive the information is that passes through her Employee Leasing Company’s offices daily.

    I think this situation warrants further investigation by the FBI, IRS, US Attorney’s Office or another government agency willing to investigate Suzanne Burrow and attempt to bring her to justice as well.

  3. Jennifer Mayo

    Don’t think that Suzanne Burrow is innocent. She is very much aware of what Syrek was doing and she has profitted from it also.

  4. brandy

    i hope these two scumbags go away for a long time, the lady in this case in 100% as gulity as the man!!!!! worthless garbage!!!


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