Island police blotter – 01-23-2013

Anna Maria

• Jan. 12, 800 block of North Shore Drive, petit theft. Two bicycles were left unlocked in the driveway. Sometime during the night, unknown persons stole the bicycles.

Anna Maria is policed by the MCSO.

Bradenton Beach

• No new reports.

Bradenton Beach is policed by the BBPD.


• No new reports.

Cortez is policed by the MCSO

Holmes Beach

• Jan. 12, 3100 block of Gulf Drive North, DWLS. A 21-year-old female was arrested following a traffic stop that began in Holmes Beach, but ended in the 2600 block of Gulf Drive North, Bradenton Beach. A Holmes Beach Police Department officer initiated the stop and discovered the woman’s driver’s license was suspended. According to the report, the woman admitted she was aware that her license was suspended. A check on her license revealed an active warrant for the woman in another county on a similar charge. She was arrested and transported to the Manatee County jail.

• Jan. 7, 5900 Flotilla Drive, animal bite. Police responded to a call at the city dog park regarding one dog attacking another. Police made contact with a woman in possession of the offending dog and learned the dog has had previous issues at the park. According to the report, the dog was involved in a prior attack on a dog. A human was bitten during that attack trying to separate the animals. Animal control was contacted and the animal was placed in quarantine for 30 days. The woman was advised not to bring the dog back to the park.

• Jan. 8, 611 Manatee Ave., CVS Pharmacy, fraud. A man called police to report his credit card was used at the CVS Pharmacy on two occasions in the amount of $1,039. He told police he needed to report the incident to provide a case number to his credit card company.

• Jan. 8, 4000 Gulf Drive, Manatee Public Beach, alcohol. Police made contact with a group of people on the beach after receiving a complaint that they were drinking. Three men had beer in their hands. They were advised of the no-alcohol policies of all Manatee County beaches. The men poured out the beer and the group left the beach.

• Jan. 9, 5410 Marina Drive, D. Coy Ducks, trespass warning. Police responded to the tavern and made contact with a female, who was “very intoxicated,” according to the report. The bartender asked the woman to leave and she refused. Police issued a trespass warning on behalf of the bartender and the subject left voluntarily.

• Jan. 10, 500 block of Key Royale Drive, suspicious incident. A homeowner was contacted by a contractor, who was doing remodeling work on the home. The contractor said it appeared someone had attempted to burn down his home. Police arrived and entered the residence to the presence of smoke odor and burned plastic. An officer discovered the source of the odors, which was a melted pile of plastic. Burn marks were observed on an adjacent wall. The fire marshal was contacted to investigate. His determination was that the melted plastic had been a garbage can and the fire started from within the container. According to the report, the fire appeared to have been accidental, but the fire marshal is still investigating as to how it started.

• Jan. 10, 6800 block of Palm Drive, information. Police responded to a call reporting a vehicle/bicycle accident. Upon arrival, witnesses reported that a trolley had driven too close to a group of bicyclists. One of the riders was “spooked” by the close call and lost control of her bicycle. According to the report, video from the trolley shows the woman losing control of her bicycle after the trolley passed. It also states that the trolley was properly located in the roadway at the time it passed the bicycle riders.

• Jan. 11, 699 Manatee Ave., Bank of America, fraud. A bank manager called police after a female attempted to cash what he suspected was a fraudulent check at the drive-thru. According to the report, the woman’s signature on her driver’s license did not match the signature on the check. She was asked to park her vehicle and come inside the bank, at which time she fled the scene. Police learned that the check was stolen Jan. 9 in a Hillsborough County vehicle burglary.

• Jan. 11, 3230 E. Bay Drive, Island Mail And More, customer problem. Police responded to a complaint of a customer refusing to pay for services rendered. A man had several documents notarized and did not want to pay for the services once completed. The man told police he had come into the business in December to have the same type of documents notarized, and was told by his attorney that they were done incorrectly. He said he should not have to pay for the service twice. Police disagreed and advised the man to pay, which he did.

• Jan. 13, 4000 Gulf Drive, Manatee Public Beach, trespass warning. Lifeguards contacted police regarding a group of people who were drinking on the beach and refused to stop after being warned. The group left the beach before police arrived, but one female returned a short time later and was identified by the lifeguard. The woman was not drinking at time of contact, but she was issued a trespass warning and told not to return.

Holmes Beach is policed by the HBPD.

Streetlife is based on incident reports and narratives from the Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach police departments and Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

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