AM moratorium exemptions outlined

Anna Maria building official Bob Welch, working last week with city attorney Jim Dye, determined guidelines for construction projects to be exempt from an in-process building moratorium.

The city commission at its Feb. 28 meeting agreed to allow certain projects to proceed, but said Welch and Dye must agree on what’s  “in the pipeline” and the conditions for exemption. Homes proposed to be less than 27 feet tall are not affected by the moratorium.

Welch said at the meeting he had 12 projects that would likely meet the exemption criteria.

Welch stated in a memo distributed March 5 that property owners wanting a moratorium exemption should complete an affidavit form and provide backup information.

The required information includes “executed contracts for design, engineering, soil sampling, surveying or construction service, or any combination of other work,” Welch said.

Welch will consider proof of actual expenditures, work already performed that the owner is obligated to pay, design documents under contract; work seaward of the coastal construction control line for which a city letter of no objection was required and the subsequent application to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, as well as projects seaward of the CCCL that have a notice to proceed from the DEP.

Additionally, Welch said “any other form of proof that shows the project has been under substantial development and is proceeding in good faith.”

Welch said applicants for the exemption will be notified of the status of a request “in a timely manner.”

He asked applicants to “Please, be patient as this process will be time-consuming and requests for additional information or adjustments in the exemption process may be made. It is in your best interest to apply as early as possible in this process.”

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