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Anna Maria Island Elementary School custodian Todd Persinger, left, is congratulated March 8 by principal David Marshall on being named Manatee County School District Support Employee of the Year. Persinger received a $5,000 savings account at Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union, game tickets and a trip to Pittsburgh for a Pirates game. He was nominated by AME for his exemplary work ethic, ingenuity and suggestion to reduce waste collection at AME, saving the district $6,600. Islander Photo: Edna Tiemann

2 thoughts on “Employee winner

  1. B. Foley

    No wonder our property taxes are out of control! I own a slightly larger than 900square foot unimproved house and pay almost $5,000 in property taxes on it, this is the reason we can’t improve it! Since when do public employees need to be rewarded with game tickets and $5,000 checks for a job well done. I was a registered nurse all my life and never got any extra compensation for a job well done, it was just expected of me, as in all professions. This isn’t some sort of children’s science contest, where we need to give out prizes, what we need is some fiscal responsibility!! I’m glad (the school district) feels free to steal from the hardworking, scrimping by tax payers, especially after having lost so much in the financial crisis, only to squander it on such unnecessary handouts! Shame on (the school board members), have you lost your minds? Don’t you think that by giving money away for saving money, kind of defeats the purpose?

    1. Anonymous

      The $5000 was donated from Suncoast Federal Credit Union…and the Educator of the year award…a Prius was also donated from Gettel Toyota…along with the Pirate tickets…do you still have a problem with this B.Foley? School board employees have not received a raise in over four years, employees are paying more towards their retirement, and health benefits have skyrocketed. So what is wrong with these two exceptional school board employees receiving a well deserved award for going above and beyond for our children in Manatee county and the prizes were donated?


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