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HB commish poised to approve chickens

By Kathy Prucnell, Islander Reporter

Mike Sales, left, entertainer and emcee for Cityfest, and Holmes Beach Commissioner Marvin Grossman, wearing his “Have you hugged your chicken today” T-shirt, re-introduce the 1929 “Anna Maria Song” on the outdoor festival stage at March 2 at the city field, 5801 Marina Drive. Islander Photo: Kathy Prucnell

Holmes Beach appears ready to allow chickens into the city.

        An ordinance to allow residents to raise egg-laying hens within the city’s limits is on the March 12 commission agenda for final approval.

        A 4-1 vote last month approved the new rule on chickens on first reading.

        Commissioners in favor of the measure say it will encourage learning opportunities for children and return people to a natural food source.

        At press time before the March 12 meeting, Commissioner Pat Morton was against approving chickens, saying he foresaw a future enforcement problem in the beach community.

        The city has a long-standing regulation prohibiting farm animals.

         If passed, the ordinance will prohibit more than four hens and roosters; slaughtering of chickens, and any selling of eggs or other chicken products; chickens in front yards; chickens closer than 10 feet to an adjacent property and 25 feet from a neighboring home; and odors and pest-infested chicken feed.

        Other matters on the March 12 agenda included:

        • First reading of a party-wall ordinance, changing the code to eliminate the provision that allows two or more structures to be built separately on a common foundation.

        • First reading of a one-dock-per-shore-frontage ordinance, including dock location and setback requirements and how shoreline length is determined under condominium ownership.

        • Consideration of two appointments to the Municipal Police Officers’ Pension Trust Fund Board of Trustees.

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