Island police blotter – 03-06-2013

Anna Maria

        • Feb. 23, 100 S. Bay Blvd., Anna Maria City Pier, Marchman Act. Deputies responded to a fight and made contact with one of the involved persons, who allegedly used a racial slur, which upset some people. The pier manager told the man to leave and he was trespassed from the property. The man did not want to drive for fear of being arrested for DUI. A deputy called a taxi, but then received a call while still at the pier that the suspect had jumped from the moving cab near Magnolia Avenue.

The deputy observed the man return to his vehicle and get behind the wheel. Before he drove away, the man told the deputy he intended to sleep in his vehicle. Several unsuccessful attempts were made to call someone to pick him up. Fearing the man would try to drive, he was admitted to Manatee Glens.

• Feb. 16, 700 block of Jacaranda Road, battery. A man reported to the MCSO-Anna Maria substation and told a deputy a woman had come to his house, and at some point she pushed on his nose hard enough to make it bleed and he wanted to press charges.

Anna Maria is policed by the MCSO.

Bradenton Beach

        • No new reports.

        Bradenton Beach is policed by the BBPD.


• Feb. 15, 12597 Cortez Road W., Cortez Grill & Marina Restaurant, criminal mischief. A complainant reported he had become engaged in a verbal argument with another man. He decided to leave, but as he attempted to do so, the suspect threw a beer bottle, which broke on the front of his vehicle. The complainant left the area and called MCSO.

• Feb. 23, 4400 block of 123rd Street West, battery. Two adult family members became involved in an argument over the man inviting unwanted friends to the home. The woman said the friends were coming over and doing drugs and she wanted the man to leave. She told police that during the argument the man accidentally knocked her to the ground. The woman’s son came out of his bedroom and demanded to know what happened. According to the report, the suspect grabbed the younger male by the shirt and the two exchanged punches.

• Feb. 25, 4400 block of 125th Street West, information. Deputies responded to a man lying on the ground and bleeding from his head. According to the report, the man was intoxicated and unable to explain his injury. He was transported to the hospital where he first said nothing happened to him, but then stated he was hit in the head with a bottle. The man became uncooperative with hospital staff and did not want to be treated.

        Cortez is policed by the MCSO

Holmes Beach

        Feb. 22, 100 block of Ninth Street West, Bradenton, DUI. A 56-year-old Holmes Beach man was arrested on a misdemeanor driving under the influence charge. According to the probable cause affidavit, Gennaro Cucci was scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday, March 27.

• Feb. 16, 3007 Gulf Drive, Anchor Inn, trespass. A Holmes Beach police officer responded to a disturbance and made contact with the bartender. A man was pointed out as causing problems for other patrons, and he was trespassed from the business.

• Feb. 17, 6600 block of Gulf Drive, theft. A complainant reported two bicycles valued at $50 were stolen from his carport.

• Feb. 17, 4500 block of Gulf Drive, battery. A man reported a friend had contacted him because he was having a hard time with his drug issue and was feeling weak. The friend arrived later, demanding money and pills. When the complainant refused, the suspect became angry and threatened to burn the victim’s house with him and his girlfriend inside. He then pushed his friend to the ground and a companion recovered the victim’s prescription pills.

• Feb. 18, 300 block of 64th Street, criminal mischief. A complainant reported that a man came to his home banging on the windows and doors demanding his keys, which he claimed to have left more than a month ago. The man was informed his keys were in the boat and all he had to do was go look. The suspect became angry and ripped the door off the hinges, causing about $300 in damages. Police made contact with the suspect, who claimed the damage occurred when the complainant slammed the door on his foot.

• Feb. 19, 3900 East Bay Drive, Publix, theft. A complainant reported he left his wallet at the checkout counter and did not notice until he arrived home. He returned to the store, but management said no one had turned in a wallet. He reported the wallet stolen, saying it contained $50 and several credit cards.

• Feb. 20, 4000 Gulf Drive, Manatee Public Beach, animal. Police responded to a call of animal abuse and met with a witness, who pointed out a vehicle with a dog inside. The officer observed the windows were closed and the dog had no water. The dog was panting and appeared to be in distress. The officer ran the tag and then used a loud speaker to summon the owner. The owner claimed he was away from the dog for about 15 minutes, but witnesses said no one had checked on the dog for 45 minutes. When the owner opened the door, the officer reported the interior of the vehicle to be “extremely hot.” The owner was issued a citation and animal control was contacted.

• Feb. 20, 4100 block of Sixth Avenue, animal. A complainant reported that a woman leaves home for days at a time and leaves her dog in the yard without food or water. The officer observed no food or water in the vicinity. He reported the dog to be thin and covered in mange and fleas. Police were unable to locate the homeowner. Animal control was contacted and pledged to send an officer to the residence to investigate.

• Feb. 22, 5901 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach city property, vehicle burglary. A woman told police she was at the city park playing soccer and an iPhone valued at $350 was taken from her unlocked vehicle. She told police she observed a group of young males leaving quickly after the soccer game was over. She later told police she left messages on the phone for the person to return it without questions. When she returned to the skate park area to search for her phone, a wireless device in her possession made contact with the phone, which was discovered on the sink inside the men’s bathroom near the field.

Holmes Beach is policed by the HBPD.

        Streetlife is based on incident reports and narratives from the Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach police departments and Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

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