Holmes Beach man convicted of fraud

A 39-year-old former Holmes Beach resident faces 87 months in prison, plus fines and a large restitution amount for health care fraud and filing a false tax return.

In December 2012, agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation seized sports cars and a luxury boat from 5311 Sunrise Lane, Holmes Beach.

The vehicles belonged to Jason Syrek. The seizure stemmed from a complaint filed against Syrek with the FBI on Oct. 3 in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Michigan.

According to a press release issued by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Detroit, Syrek pleaded guilty to health care fraud and filing a false tax return May 15.

According to court records, Syrek engaged in health care fraud from May 2008 to December 2010 while operating CAS Resources of Adrian, Mich.

The company provided human resources outsourcing, such as payroll, taxes and employee benefits.

CAS collected $1.75 million in premiums from clients in the latter part of 2010. The premiums were due to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, but Syrek admitted diverting the funds for personal use.

Syrek filed a tax return for the third quarter of 2010 claiming CAS paid more than $1.8 million in payroll taxes, knowing he had diverted the bulk of those funds to himself, and had actually only paid $633,332.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, which assisted in the investigation, Syrek owes taxes in excess of $13.4 million.

U.S. Attorney Barbra McQuade said Syrek’s crimes may have been sophisticated in nature, “but they are nothing more than stealing. This defendant robbed health care programs and taxpayers for his personal benefit.”

Under the terms of his plea agreement, Syrek faces up to 87 months in prison, a fine up to $250,000 and will pay restitution in excess of $15 million.

According to Florida and Manatee County records, Syrek was the registered agent of the AMI Beach Inn LLC at the Sunrise address raided by the FBI. The property was under a government protective order, as well as Unit 5 of the Mainsail Beach Inn, 101 66th St., Holmes Beach, both co-owned with Suzanne Burrow.

Earlier this year, a company in Atlanta made inquiries into Syrek based on The Islander newspaper’s reporting, telling staff Syrek was soliciting HR services from an office in Holmes Beach. He also was observed last week in Holmes Beach, driving a new, white convertible Porsche Turbo.

He is scheduled for sentencing in August.

According to the complaint, the health care scheme began in 2007-08 while Syrek was jailed for more than $800,000 in bank fraud at Morgantown Federal Correctional Facility in West Virginia while operating an employee services company, One Source Management of Maumee, Ohio. According to an April 17, 2007, article in the Toledo Blade, he repaid the client.

According to the Manatee County clerk’s office, an Internal Revenue Service notice of $11,030,158 in federal tax liens was recorded against Syrek.

In 2012, another IRS notice of $5,831,664 in tax liens was recorded against AMI Beach Inn LLC.

In the current scheme, according to the complaint in U.S. District Court, Syrek, through his ex-wife, Kristie Kneuve, allegedly submitted a group enrollment form to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan in 2008 to secure group coverage for 10 employees of CAS, including Syrek, Kneuve and eight fictitious employees, and then added their clients’ employees.

Also according to the complaint, Syrek admitted to taking the premiums for personal use, including the purchase of beachfront properties, cars, a boat and millions of dollars worth of other investments and purchases.

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